• First large-scale textile sorting plant opens in Sweden
      The world’s first large-scale plant for automatic textile sorting started operation at SYSAV’s facility in Malmö, the largest city in the Swedish county of Scania. A 30-metre long machine has a sorting capacity of 24,000 tonnes of textiles per year and is reportedly expected to revolu
      Nov 16, 2020
    • Vietnam exports 166,800 tons of yarn in September
      In September 2020, Vietnam exported USD 2.883 billion in textiles and apparel, a decrease of 2.79% month-on-month and an increase of 1.34% year-on-year; the export of yarns was 166,800 tons, an increase of 8.94% month-on-month and an increase of 17.02% year-on-year. In Septe
      Nov 16, 2020
    • Pakistan’s home textile and apparel exports rise sharply
      On November 3, Pakistani Prime Minister’s Business Investment Advisor Daoud held a meeting to listen to a report on Pakistan’s import and export situation. Statistics show that Pakistan’s exports in the first four months of fiscal 2021 (July-October 2021) fell by 0.1% year-o
      Nov 16, 2020
    • Nanchong silk spinning industry stabilizes and rebounds
      Since the beginning of this year, Nanchong’s silk spinning industry has focused on promoting the resumption of production of industrial enterprises, accelerated the construction of industrial projects, and the silk spinning industry’s economy has shown a steady recovery. According to stati
      Nov 16, 2020
    • China Nonwovens Industry Social Responsibility Report Appears at CIIE
      The International Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility of Industry and Information Technology Launch Event of the 2020 Sustainable Development Report of China’ Industry and Information Technology, jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Organiza
      Nov 16, 2020
    • China’s chemical fiber output ratio decreases by 2.38% in Jan. – Aug. 2020
      From January to August 2020, China’s chemical fiber output was 38.27 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 2.38%, and the decline was basically the same as that from January to July; operating income was 502.25 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 15.5%, and the decline narrowed by
      Nov 10, 2020




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