• Global textile sector's order backlog at record low in Mar 2023: ITMF
      On average across all regions, order backlog in the global textile industry fell to the lowest recorded level in March 2023—at 2.2 months. This indicator has been steadily decreasing from its peak at 3.1 months a year ago. Expectations about order backlog in six months’ time are steadily falling a
      Apr 21, 2023
    • ITMA 2023: Exploring new routes to efficiency with Thermex and Econtrol®
      At ITMA 2023 in Milan from June 8-14, experts from Monforts will be on hand to ouline the latest significant advances that have been made in sustainable continuous dyeing for woven fabrics and yarns with its industry-leading Thermex system configured for the Econtrol® process.
      Apr 14, 2023
    • Fashion brands adapting to merchandising shifts can gain
      Fashion companies that adapt to shifts in the industry’s merchandising model can create a competitive advantage, according to McKinsey, which recently said in an insight note that given the current economic environment and unprecedented uncertainty, the need to get merchandising right is e
      Apr 14, 2023
    • Chinese apparel exports up in 2022 as unit price rises 9%, volume down
      China’s apparel exports rose 7.05 per cent to $167.876 billion during 2022 despite economic slowdown and restrictions from the US. However, this increase in value was due to a rise in per unit price in the segment, which increased by 9.27 per cent to $4.24 in 2022 compared to $3.88 in 2021. Theref
      Apr 14, 2023
    • US researchers identify challenges for adaptive clothing customers
      US’ University of Missouri researchers have identified two main challenges for adaptive clothing consumers. The study involved mining online reviews to understand the perspectives of adaptive clothing customers. Customers said product offerings were inadequate and didn’t meet their specific needs.
      Apr 14, 2023
    • “Chinese New face” influences the world fashion industry
      —China’s visual designer Haotian Dong More and more Chinese designers are involved in International Fashion Week to show the charm of “Chinese design” At the same time, other Chinese design new forces internationally are another way, are overseas study and local fashion Chinese design.
      Apr 14, 2023




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