• Total output of new cotton in China expected to be 5.8 million tons
      According to the latest cotton yield survey conducted by the national cotton market monitoring system in 2021, the average cotton yield per unit area in China in 2021 was 134.3 kg/mu, up 3.1 percent year-on-year. Based on the actual planting area of 43.191 million mu investigated by the mo
      Dec 23, 2021
    • The climate index of textile and apparel specialized market rises in November
      The national textile and apparel market managers’ climate index was 51.88 in November 2021, up 0.75 from 51.13 in October. The specialized market merchants’ climate index rose 0.73 percentage points to 51.32 from 50.59 in October. In November, the climate index of textile and apparel speci
      Dec 16, 2021
    • What should the chemical fiber industry focus on in the future?
      The chemical fiber industry has faced complex challenges at home and abroad since the beginning of this year, The recurrence of the pandemic and the continuous “dual control of energy consumption” policy have had a significant impact on the recovery of the main operating indicators of the ind
      Dec 05, 2021
    • Do sky-high raw materials prices reach their peak?
      The unusual business patterns resulting from the global pandemic have twisted the supply and demand cycle for raw materials and their prices in new directions. For example, Mark Messura, senior vice president of global supply chain marketing for Cotton Incorporated, told th
      Dec 02, 2021
    • Fiber leads the fashion
      New Fiber New World -- Textile Material Innovation Forum held 3 theme forums during the Yarn Expo - Autumn Edition 2021, including the China fiber fashion trend, green and sustainable fiber and domestic Lyocell fiber.   Wang Huaping, professor of Donghua University, gave an
      Nov 25, 2021
    • President Sun Ruizhe to give keynote speech at the ITMF Virtual Conference
      The International Textile Manufacturers Federation (hereinafter referred to as: ITMF) Textile Machinery Virtual Conference was held at 18:00 Beijing time On November 16th. The virtual conference was attended by nearly 500 members of the board of directors and successive presidents of ITMF,
      Nov 23, 2021




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