• Basic situation of economic operation of dyeing and printing industry in 2019
      In 2019, the economic situation at home and abroad is still complicated and severe, the global economic growth has slowed down, and domestic and foreign risks and challenges facing the dyeing and printing industry have increased significantly. Faced with multiple pressures, the dyeing and pr
      Mar 25, 2020
    • China-US trade and cotton textile market week dynamics (3.6 - 3.12)
      On March 7, the General Administration of Customs, P.R. China announced the trade data for January - February 2020. Due to the impact of the Spring Festival holiday extension and the COVID-19 epidemic, the foreign trade in the first two months had a significant decline. In terms of Renminbi, the c
      Mar 24, 2020
    • Is the financial crisis looming as U.S. stocks trading halted? How do textile companies respond?
      After the U.S. stocks trading has been halted for four times, many companies have felt greater pressure for development. Where should our textile industry go? In response to this problem, some financial experts gave two suggestions: First, we must accelerate domestic industrial upgradin
      Mar 24, 2020
    • Impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on industrial textile cluster
      At the beginning of the Chinese New Year in 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic is showing a rapid and serious spread. The industrial textile industry is affected by the epidemic situation due to the different industry sectors, regional distribution, and industrial structure of the sub-sectors. The non-me
      Mar 23, 2020
    • “Civil Health Masks” Group Standard Promulgated
      On March 11, the “Civil Health Masks” group standard drafted by the China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association (CNITA) was officially released. The promulgation and implementation of the standard will provide technical support for related mask manufacturers, provide a basis for market s
      Mar 18, 2020
    • Shenzhou International is doing well as a Role Model
      There is a well-known saying in China’s textile industry to commend Shenzhou International Group as is quoted “ Shenzhou is to the knitting industry what Foxconn is to the electronics industry”, speaking highly of the knitting giant that grows up synchronically with the rapid development of the wh
      Mar 17, 2020




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