• Huge development opportunities for Asian textile and apparel industry
      According to a report recently released by research company Fitch Solutions, in the context of global supply chain shifts, the textile and apparel industries in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar have huge development opportunities. Fitch Solutions believe
      Aug 04, 2020
    • Hebei promotes high-quality development of textile and apparel industry
      According to Liu Yongqing, director of the Consumer Goods Industry Division of the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, this year, Hebei will support the development of the consumer goods industry in various aspects, including brand enhancement, personalized
      Aug 04, 2020
    • Analysis of the market development prospects of the sportswear industry in 2020
      During the pandemic, various sports brands actively deployed new marketing methods such as new retail and live e-commerce in order to reduce the degree of damage. At the same time, industry concentration continues to increase, and industry demand rebound is expected. In the medium and long
      Aug 04, 2020
    • Domestic cotton textile industry decline narrows for two consecutive months
      In June, the cotton textile prosperity index was 48.94, the decline narrowed for two consecutive months. This month, the off-season effect of the domestic textile market has gradually emerged, and the pressure on textile enterprises’ orders has increased. In terms of raw materials, in orde
      Aug 04, 2020
    • Indian cotton spinning industry revenue expected to fall by 25% to 30%
      According to the report of the Indian research institute ICRA, the revenue of the Indian cotton spinning industry in 2021 is expected to drop by 25% to 30% year-on-year, and the profit margin will drop by 3% to 4%. ICRA stated in its July 2020 report on the Indian cotton spi
      Jul 31, 2020
    • FICCI: Manufacturing is in a downturn
      The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci) released a survey report on the 19th. The results of a questionnaire survey of more than 300 large, medium and small manufacturing companies across India showed that despite the closure of many parts of the country, the aut
      Jul 31, 2020




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