• China’s Chemical Fiber Industry:Status Quo in Jan. - Sep. of 2011 & Overall Forecast of the Year
      Status quo of the industry in Jan. - Sep. 1.Market quotation Since 2011, the chemical fiber product market has undergone greater fluctuations, while most of the chemical product prices rose slightly from January to mid-March, and after the mid-March, the prices saw a rapid decline.
      Feb 09, 2012
      The “Sustainable Technologies” project has now been kicked off: through this initiative, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers wants to respond to the growing demand for sustainability in manufacturing processes, originating not just from end users, but including all of th
      Nov 14, 2011
    • “Innovation has a name – Oerlikon”
      With a new motto at the ITMA 2011: Oerlikon Textile, Market and Technology Leader in the World of Textile Machines and Equipment   Oerlikon Textile’s new corporate motto will be leaving its mark on the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona from the 22 to the 29 September
      Nov 14, 2011
    • New Trützschler Card TC 11 will Take Centre Stage in Barcelona
      ITMA 2011 will be held from September 22rd to 29th in Barcelona, Spain. <0}{0> In der Halle 2 im Übergangsbereich der Ausstellungsflächen Spinnerei und Nonwovens befindet sich der 1100 m² große Trützschler Stand. <}0{> The 1100 m²
      Nov 14, 2011
    • Chongqing Jinmao Enjoys New Accomplishments
      Chongqing Jinmao Textile Accessories Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise specialized in manufacturing steel travelers and steel rings for spinning as well as various steel reeds for weaving in China . With over fifty-year professional production, Jinmao has been equipped the capacity of man
      Nov 14, 2011
    • KARL MAYER – We Care about Your Future
      As one of the leading manufacturers of warp knitting and warp preparation machines, KARL MAYER will be presenting at this year’s ITMA 2011 in Barcelona. For the first time, all the company’s business units will be represented on the same stand in hall 3, stand B 153-157, on an area of 1400 squ
      Nov 14, 2011
      Fong’s Launches His   Campaign in Barcelona   The Fong’s group, with more than 4 , 7 00 employees
      Nov 14, 2011
    • Cotton Industry
      By Wang Ting   The unstable fluctuant cotton price would still be the top hot issue for the whole cotton industry.     Because of the cotton price, along with the adjustment of currency and industrial macro
      Nov 14, 2011
    • Textile Machinery Saw Greater Increases in Profits Year on Year
      January to April in 2011, the textile machinery industry saw total profits of 1.861 billion yuan, increasing 45.19% year on year; the overall operating performance of the industry presents a stable development momentum with a decline in gross profits. From January to May of this year, the cumu
      Nov 14, 2011




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