60th anniversary of China-France diplomatic ties, Wang Zifei's Chinese fashion show shines in Paris

May 14, 2024  |  by

  The year 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of China-France diplomatic ties, as well as the year of China-France cultural tourism. In order to promote the exchanges and mutual understanding between Chinese and French people, a Beijing-Paris dialogue on the theme of “History-Contemporary-Future: Ancient Civilizations and Sustainable Development” was held in Paris on May 10th, along with a ‘Creative Capital’ forum and a closing dinner.



  On the afternoon of May 10th, China's top ten fashion designer Zifei Wang was invited to attend the Creative Capital Forum as a guest speaker and delivered a speech on the theme of ‘Soft Innovation between the East and West’. During the closing dinner in Paris, Wang Zifei held a show on the theme of ‘East meets West’ with her eponymous designer brand ZIFEI WANG Clothing in Paris.



  In the ‘Creative Capital’ theme forum, Wang Zifei used three of her representative collections as case studies, using clothing as a soft and innovative medium to convey the fusion of cultures in design. Because of her cross-cultural and interdisciplinary background, Wang Zifei made an in-depth analysis from different cultural perspectives, enabling the participants to appreciate the unique charm of the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures on multiple levels.



  During the closing dinner, Zifei Wang brought her brand classic clothing collection to the a club in Paris, which is one of the most prestigious social venues in France, known as the ‘French Embassy in Paris’, adjacent to the Elysée Palace and the British Embassy, and is committed to providing a platform for international elites to exchange ideas and deepen cooperation. Wang Zifei selected 20 sets of exquisite dresses from her collection, and the show allowed the audience to appreciate the beauty of Chinese dress culture and showed the possibility of fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.






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