Viewing Wenling Industry Transformation from "A Pair of Children's Shoes"

Dec 04, 2023  |  by CHINA TEXTILE

  The footwear industry in Wenling, Zhejiang Province, initiated in the 1970s, has progressed from family workshops to one of the key sectors in the region, accounting for about 10% of the national output. Chengbei Street of Wenling is known as the "hometown of children's shoes in China". At present, it is home to over 900 shoe enterprises, which produce 350 million pairs of shoes annually and attract 60,000 migrants to work and start businesses here. What measures has Wenling children's shoes taken to transform their brand while maintaining high quality?

  Children's shoes are related to great health


  In recent years, the media has frequently exposed "toxic children's shoes" that not only impact a child's foot development but can lead to precocious puberty and damage to intelligence, resulting in extremely serious consequences. Wenling children's shoes have undergone significant transformation after over 40 years of development. In recent years, the local government has consistently bolstered its support of Wenling's footwear industry by releasing a series of documents aimed at upgrading and optimizing the entire footwear enterprise industrial chain. In December 2020, Sinolight Inspection & Certification Co., Ltd. officially established a presence in Wenling. Research into new materials, training to improve quality, analysis of defects, construction of a quality control system, inspection and testing, exchange of designs, and other services have enabled the continued development of Wenling's children's shoe products.

  From quality to brand


  As one of the three domestic children's shoes bases alongside Wenzhou in Zhejiang and Quanzhou in Fujian, the label of "low-end positioning" makes Wenling children's shoes enterprises full of desire for "brand strategy". "Prices of shoes with the same quality can be different, and the price difference can be nearly 4 times." A person in charge of an international foundry company told reporters. To become a big brand, improve profits and complete the leap from quantity to quality has become a necessary question for the transformation and upgrading of Wenling children's shoes.


  As a result, in recent years, the "leaders" of Wenling shoe enterprises have also pressed the acceleration button in the fields of technology, fashion and brand. Grafting new technologies and constantly bringing forth new ones, today's Wenling shoe enterprises have gradually realized the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intellectual creation".


  Wenling children's shoes are a safe choice


  On December 4th, 2023 regional brand (Wenling Children's Shoes) development conference named "Ten Chains and Hundreds of Enterprises" footwear industry chain in Wenling, Zhejiang Province, will be held as needed. As an important highlight of the event: well-known brand experts, well-known brand entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts and brand communication experts at home and abroad will deeply interpret the incubation construction of regional brands of Wenling children's shoes in their respective professional fields.


  On December 4 th, there are "masters, trends, big brands"! A high-end summit about the future of Wenling children's shoes, you can't miss it!





  小童鞋 关乎大健康











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