The prosperity index of textile and apparel professional market declined in June

Jul 20, 2020  |  by Zhao xh

The prosperity monitoring results of the China Commercial Circulation Association of Textile and Apparel (CATA) show that in June 2020, the national textile and apparel professional market manager’s prosperity index was 46.83, down 4.30 percentage points from May’s 51.13; the professional market merchants’ prosperity index was 48.33, down 1.80 percentage points from May’s 50.13. In June, the professional textile and apparel market entered the traditional off-season, and the overall operating situation declined. In addition, the pandemic occurred again in the wholesale market of Beijing’s Xinfadi, which caused various industries to pay close attention to the prevention and control of pandemic situation in professional markets. Under the dual role of strict prevention of the pandemic situation and the traditional off-season, the textile and apparel professional market prosperity index has declined.

1. The manager’s prosperity index dropped by 4.30 percentage points

2. The merchant prosperity index dropped by 1.80 percentage points

3. Data analysis
The rental pressure in the professional market continues to increase, and the pandemic has a great impact on the rental in the professional market; Merchant cost pressure and inventory pressure eased slightly.

4. The pre-judgment index is all below the threshold of 50
The data shows that in terms of managers, the next manager’s prosperity index is 48.06, down 0.97 percentage points from May’s 49.03; the next operating environment index is 48.06, down 0.65 percentage points from May’s 48.71. In terms of merchants, the next merchant’s prosperity index was 48.01, down 1.02 percentage points from 49.03 in May; the next operating environment index was 47.95, down 0.46 percentage points from 48.41 in May. In terms of predictive index, the four predictive indexes of managers and merchants fell, and the overall is below the threshold of 50. This shows that the market and merchants still have insufficient confidence in the future of the industry, and the sales off-season in the textile and apparel professional market may continue to July.





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