Xinjiang to promote the construction of “four million mu” seed production bases

Jul 13, 2020  |  by Zhao xh

Xinjiang will promote the construction of a “four million mu” seed production base. It is planned that by 2025, the total area of the seed production bases for wheat, corn, cotton and special crops will reach 4.1968 million mu. The “four million mu” seed production base involves 1,292 villages in 70 counties (cities, districts) in 12 prefectures (cities), and the regional layout has been refined to villages. Completely complete the construction of seed production bases under the “five modernizations” (large-scale, intensive, standardized, mechanized, and information-based). At the same time, the project will also build 60 regional breeding bases, including 17 cotton, 13 corn, 19 wheat, and 11 special crops.





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