Ministry of Commerce: Except Hubei, 66.7% of key foreign trade companies in China have a production resumption rate of over 70%

Mar 25, 2020  |  by zhaoxh
On the 19th, the reporter learned at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce that, apart from Hubei, 66.7% of key foreign trade companies nationwide had a production resumption rate of more than 70%.

The Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce revealed that the next step will be to closely monitor the development of the epidemic and the changes in the international economic situation, taking into account the prevention and control of the epidemic and foreign economic and trade cooperation, and implement precise measures to improve the efficiency of resumption and production.
For specific measures, the first is to implement accurate prevention and control. Promote the scientific and orderly resumption of work for foreign trade companies, liberalize the restrictions on freight logistics, and ensure that employees can get back, raw materials can be supplied, and products can be shipped out. The second is to increase synergy to resume work and production. Efforts will be made to open up supply channels for raw materials, parts and components, strengthen the connection between upstream and downstream production and sales between regions, increase synergy in resuming production, and maintain basic stability of the industrial chain. The third is to strengthen international cooperation. While resuming work and production, and strengthening the smooth operation of the supply chain of the foreign trade industry chain, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with trading partners, share experience in epidemic prevention and control, and provide necessary assistance in a timely manner based on our own capabilities. At the same time, strengthen international cooperation and exchanges in the supply chain of foreign trade, and make due contributions to the stable operation of the supply chain of the international industrial chain.





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