All of one heart! Pay tribute to the enterprises that fully guarantee the production of anti-epidemic materials!

Feb 13, 2020  |  by zhaoxh
Recently, the NCP has seriously threatened people’s lives and health. Masks, medical protective clothing and disinfection wipes are important materials to fight against the epidemic, and their supply is directly related to the safety and control of the frontline medical staff and the general public.

The member companies focus on the interests of the country and the people, actively respond to the association’s early resumption of work, overcome the difficulties and actively organize production to provide a large number of masks and medical protection for controlling the epidemic, and ensure the proper supply of raw materials. Many companies strictly control the quality of masks, medical protective clothing, disinfection wipes and their raw materials. Faced with the pressure of rising labor and logistics costs, the companies have maintained relatively stable prices for their products and maintained a good market order. Some companies also donated generously and donated various materials to medical institutions.
Manufacturers of masks, medical protective clothing and disinfection wipes: Winner Medical, Allmed Medical, Foshan Beautiful Nonwoven, Zhende Medical, Sichuan Eupon Corporation, Rizhao Sanqi, Beijing BW Techtextile, Shandong Yongxin, CAS Best, Suzhou Bolisi, Qingdao Safmax, Handan Hengyong, Henan Yadu, Xinxiang Huaxi Sanitary Materials, Henan Joinkona, Henan Piaoan Group and other enterprises insist on production during the Spring Festival, operate at full capacity, strictly control product quality, and supply a large number of masks, medical protective clothing and disinfectant wipes to key affected areas.
Raw material and equipment companies: TEDA Filters, Berry International, Jofo Group, Jinsafe Group, Jinjiang Xingtai, Dalian Ruiguang, HTJH, Jiangyin Golden Phoenix, Shanghai Kingfo, Shanghai Fengwei, Shandong Hengpeng, CTA Hi-Tech Textiles, Beijing Quanta - Gold Boat, Jiangsu Liyang New Material, Dalian Hualun, Hunan Xinlong and other spunbond, meltblown and breathable film companies overcome difficulties and insist on production to ensure the normal operation of the supply chain of masks and medical protective clothing.
Geotechnical material enterprises: Tiandingfeng donated 160,000 square meters of geotextiles to support the construction of the Wuhan Huoshenshan hospital; Hongxiang Geo-Material, Tai’an Road Engineering Materials, Weifang Tuo Wang, Shandong Yibo Yangguang and other geotechnical companies also actively supplied and guaranteed construction of medical emergency projects.
Industrial clusters: Xiantao City is located in Hubei and is an important mask and medical protective clothing industrial cluster in China. After the outbreak, Yumin, Yucheng, Zhilin, Xinxin, Tuoying, Wanli, Zhongyi and other key enterprises in the cluster quickly resumed production. Government departments launched targeted industrial services, while strengthening quality inspections and regulating market order.
The actions of member companies in this epidemic fully demonstrated the mission responsibility, social responsibility and efficient mobilization ability of industrial textile enterprises, and were praised by the central leadership, SASAC and other departments. Here, the China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the enterprises returning to work in advance in order to ensure the production of important materials such as masks, medical protective clothing and disinfectant wipes, to the enterprises donating various kinds of materials, to the enterprises providing production and resumption information to the relevant national ministries and commissions and associations, and expressed their high respect and sincere condolences to the vast number of entrepreneurs and employees struggling in the production line.
At present, we are in a critical period of fighting the epidemic, and the need for various protective materials is still very urgent, and our work cannot be relaxed. We must resolutely implement the CPC Central Committee’s important directives and decision-making arrangements to combat the epidemic, mobilize the strength of the entire industry, and do a good job in the production and security of masks, medical protective clothing, and disinfection wipes; we must fully cooperate with the local government where the enterprise is located to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic. We must do a good job in production and management while preventing and controlling the epidemic, and enterprises in shutdown state should be fully prepared to return to work, and strive to achieve the economic goals for the year.
No winter will not pass, no spring will not come!
We firmly believe that with the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, strong national strength, and the people of the whole country as the backing, with our efforts, and working together to fight against the epidemic, we will certainly be able to achieve the ultimate victory!





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