Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: It is expected that the value added of industries above designated size will increase by 5.6%

Jan 03, 2020  |  by CT
On December 23, the National Conference on Industry and Information Technology was held in Beijing. The meeting predicted that the value added of China ‘s industrial enterprises above designated size will increase by about 5.6%, the energy consumption per unit of industrial added value will decrease by about 3%, revenue from software and information technology services will increase by 15%, and the total telecommunications business (at constant prices) will increase 20%, the Internet industry revenue increased by 20%.

When summarizing various work this year, the meeting pointed out that the quality of manufacturing development has steadily improved. The results of de-capacity were further consolidated, and a batch of backward production capacity was withdrawn in accordance with laws and regulations. The “Increase variety, improve quality, create brand” special action of the consumer goods industry has been carried out steadily. Start the cultivation of advanced manufacturing clusters. 49 mandatory national standards were formulated and completed, and the industry-wide international standard conversion rate reached 80%. We will accelerate the key tasks of building a strong manufacturing country. Continue to implement projects such as manufacturing innovation centers, intelligent manufacturing, and green manufacturing. The development environment of the industry is constantly optimized.
In addition, it also includes the promotion of larger-scale tax cuts and fee reductions. It is estimated that the annual tax cuts and fee reductions will be 2.36 trillion yuan. Manufacturing and related sectors account for nearly 70% of the VAT reductions. Inclusive tax reduction for small and micro enterprises is about 250 billion yuan. Promote the introduction of guidance to promote the healthy development of SMEs.
The meeting also deployed key tasks in 2020.





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