International Textile City calls for RMB10 billion high-end weaving projects to the world

Invitation from Keqiao at 2019 Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs
Dec 03, 2019  |  by CT

“The world textile depends on China, China textile focuses on Keqiao. The predecessor of Keqiao District in Shaoxing City is Shaoxing County, one of China’s top ten wealthy counties. Textile is a traditional industry, pillar industry, fashion industry, and green industry in Keqiao. Today, with a dream of building an international textile capital in the new era, we came to Boao, looking forward to using textiles as the media and the forum as the opportunity to make extensive connections, and seek cooperation for a win-win future.” During the “Night of National Brands” at 2019 Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs held on December 1st, Shen Zhijiang, Secretary of Keqiao District Committee of Shaoxing City, sincerely invited leading textile enterprises at home and abroad to invest and develop in keqiao. The aim is to introduce and build RMB10 billion high-end manufacturing projects, and work together to build a modern textile ecology with the most industrial chain, the highest concentration, and the strongest competitiveness, seeking innovative development.

It is introduced that the “Night of National Brands” is one of the important activities of 2019 Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs held in Boao, Hainan province from December 1st to 2nd. Nearly a thousand entrepreneurs including Xu Liuping, Dong Mingzhu, Xu Heyi, etc. participated in the forum.
“Keqiao is vying for the Demonstration Zone as a crucial conjunction to Hangzhou and Shanghai for integrated development. Keqiao is struggling with the new mission of building an international textile capital in the new era. Keqiao is working hard to pick new roles for the high-quality development of the textile industry.” In the face of the entrepreneurs present, Shen Zhijiang introduced Keqiao and Keqiao textile in such three sentences. It is reported that in recent years, Keqiao District has been actively building an international textile capital in the new era. Ten billion functional fiber projects have been launched, ten billion green fiber projects have been completed, and ten billion recycled fiber projects are about to be launched. “In order to seize the commanding heights of the global textile industry, we are here to invite RMB10 billion high-end weaving projects to the world. We sincerely invite leading textile enterprises at home and abroad to work together to build a modern textile ecology with the most industrial chain, the highest concentration, and the strongest competitiveness.” 
It can be seen that the presence of Keqiao in Boao and the invitation to the globe is to meet the requirements of “intelligent equipment, information management, green technology, and high-end products” so that the high-end weaving industry projects with an investment scale of more than 10 billion yuan can yield positive results in Keqiao, thereby creating a more comprehensive textile ecology and jointly promoting the high-quality development of China and the global textile industry.
Keqiao is adjacent to Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, and is located in the core area of the Hangzhou Bay Area. It is an important node for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. From Keqiao, it takes 15 minutes to reach Hangzhou Airport by freeway, 17 minutes to Hangzhou East Station by high-speed rail, 75 minutes to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, and 90 minutes to Ningbo-Zhoushan Port by car.
From the perspective of business environment, Keqiao enjoys the best business service environment in Zhejiang Province and even in the country. Encouraging, supporting and guiding the development of private enterprises is the government’s main responsibility.
From the innovation-driven aspect, Keqiao District has successfully hosted entrepreneurial innovation competitions at home and abroad for four consecutive years, and has continued to create the best zone for talent ecosystem. A total of 165 leading talents at or above the provincial level have been introduced, with the total ranking among the Top 3 in Zhejiang Province, the comprehensive evaluation of science and technology ranking the 4th in the province, and the scientific and technological innovation ranking the 11th in the Top 100 Districts in China.

“The world textile depends on China, China textile focuses on Keqiao. The willingness of the Metropolitan milan to become a friendship city with Keqiao illustrates the international status of Keqiao textile.” Shen Zhijiang said proudly. Since ancient times, Keqiao has been a well-known hometown of textile dyeing and printing . As early as the Sui and Tang Dynasties, “Yueluo” became famous all over the world; and until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, “the sound of the running looms could be heard now and then, while tens of thousands of silk could be woven every day.” Especially since the reform and opening up, after a series of technological innovations such as “chemical fiber revolution”, “shuttleless revolution”, “dyeing and finishing revolution” and so on, it has now formed a whole industrial chain from PX, PTA to chemical fibers, weaving, dyeing and printing, garments, and home textiles. There are nearly 8,000 textile enterprises in the region, and the production capacity accounts for 1/2 of the province and 1/3 of the country. China Textile City is the largest textile distribution center in the world with the largest variety. It has 28,000 market operators, 11,000 textile trading companies, and 1,100 overseas representative offices. Every day, there are more than 100,000 merchants at home and abroad, while the fabrics trading volume accounts for 1/4 of the world, and the annual turnover exceeds 220 billion RMB.
In terms of fashion creativity, “every month there are exhibitions; every day there are fashion shows.” So far, it has successfully held the International Textile Exhibition for 21 consecutive years, Fashion Week for 11 consecutive years, and successfully held two editions of World Textile Merchandising Conferences in succession. It is a permanent venue for the World Textile Merchandising Conference. Keqiao releases China · Keqiao Textile Index monthly and China · Keqiao Fashion Index every quarter.

In the aspect of opening to the outside world, Keqiao fits in with the “Belt and Road” to launches the “Silk Road in Keqiao, Connect Whole World Together” initiative,organizing China Textile City International Fabric Exhibition in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, and establishing Keqiao Shaoxing Pavilion in developed countries in Europe and America. Foreign trade achieved strong growth against the trend, and it is the first county (city, district) in Zhejiang Province to have a single industry export exceeding 10 billion USD. Exports are expected to reach 85 billion RMB this year, a year-on-year increase of more than 16%. With the deep integration of modern technology and the production chain, the accelerated promotion and application of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Industrial Internet, global textile has entered an important stage of digital, intelligent, and green development.
“As long as you love the textile industry, as long as you have a responsibility for the high-quality development of the textile industry, Any thing we can talk about! Everything is possible! Let me extend our warmest welcome. Welcome to Keqiao. We sincerely look forward to your joining and willing to seek further development of the textile industry through joint efforts!” In the end of the interview, Shen Zhijiang extended a sincere invitation to the global textile elites.





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