Integrated fiber advantage for collaborative product innovation

2019 Sateri EcoCosy® BV Fiber Product Development Technology Innovation Alliance enjoyed fruitful achievements
Sep 06, 2019  |  by CT
Sateri is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cellulosic fibers and has been committed to promoting the sustainable development of the regenerated cellulose fiber industry. One of its fiber products, EcoCosy® BV fiber, is featured of six major advantages, such as large-scale production, full process quality control, differentiated customization, full process certification, industry chain collaboration and brand promotion, providing more possibilities to the recycled cellulose fiber fabrics with better quality and extended applications.

In order to promote EcoCosy® BV fiber quickly and efficiently, strengthen the product development innovation effect highlighted by the Keqiao industrial cluster in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, realize the high-quality product development of excellent fibers, promote the development of application fields and the richness and diversity of product innovation, as well as promote the transformation and upgrading of the regenerated cellulose fiber industry in terms of quality improvement and environmental protection, In March 2019, China Textile Information Center/China Textiles Development Center (hereinafter referred to as “the center”) and Sateri Group (hereinafter referred to as “Sateri”) jointly established the “Sateri BV Fiber Product Development Technology Innovation Alliance” (hereinafter referred to as “Alliance”) in Keqiao.
Efficient collaboration: One-stop promotion of EcoCosy® BV fiber

From late March to mid-April 2019, the Alliance Working Group visited 21 textile enterprises in Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Guangdong and Fujian provinces. During the visit, the working group analyzed the product development direction of Sateri EcoCosy® BV fiber from such three aspects as the fiber advantage, product development trend analysis and product development direction suggestion, and conducted in-depth exchange and discussion of the product development of Sateri EcoCosy® BV fiber with the technology R&D personnel in each company.

The efficient one-stop service of the Alliance Working Group has been highly recognized by many companies in the alliance. At the same time, the company said that they hope to gain more support for fiber sustainability promotion and new product development through the alliance’s upstream and downstream collaborative innovation platform. As an advocate of “partnership cooperation” and collaborative innovation, Sateri will undoubtedly bring more strong support to the alliance enterprises. On the one hand, Sateri provides an excellent and excellent ecological endorsement of fiber by adopting more ecological practices and protection actions. On the other hand, from the source of fiber, the development of new products will focus on different application needs of cellulose fiber to meet the ever-increasing quality requirements of fabrics and brands, and through the efficient promotion model of the alliance, partners can appreciate the added value brought by EcoCosy® BV fiber.
Integrated innovation: Multi-dimensional display of product innovation

In order to quickly meet the raw material needs of the alliance enterprises, the alliance working group began the matchmaking of raw material demand during the visit, and completed the blending of EcoCosy® BV fiber and cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic, nylon, spandex, etc. within one month, involving more than 90 yarn count varieties and 4,520 kg yarns of compact spinning, siro compact spinning, vortex spinning, and ring spinning. By the end of July, more than 120 finished fabrics from alliance companies, including women’s wear, casual wear, shirts, home textiles and other end products, had been innovated in fiber ratio, technical application and appearance.

In terms of fiber ratio, the blending or interweaving of the acetate fiber and the raw liquid coloring fiber which are of similar green characteristics to the EcoCosy® fiber makes the fabric more ecological and environmentally friendly; and the use of the EcoCosy® fiber blending will not only guarantee the high quality of the fabric, but also greatly improve the cost performance of the fabric.
In terms of the use of luster, some companies use EcoCosy® BV fiber in combination with cotton and polyester to create retro-corduroy fabric with soft luster. Some companies use EcoCosy® BV fiber and polyester or nylon, so that the soft luster of the EcoCosy® BV fiber and the bright light of the single-hole filament form chiaroscuro flashing spots.
Using the different twists and spinning methods to create a completely different feel is also the highlight of this fabric innovation. Some companies use ultra-high twist to combine the effect of slub yarn to create a dry hemp effect, or have EcoCosy® BV fiber and hemp blended to keep the hemp dry and neutralize the tingling of hemp fiber. Some use the low-twist Siro compact spinning yarn to create a super soft skin-friendly texture, while it can also be combined with low-temperature spandex to obtain seamless effect and free cut.
In terms of innovative style, some companies use polyester heating yarn and EcoCosy® BV fiber to create scuba knitting fabrics. Some use lace and yarn-dyed plaid to form a strong visual contrast.

In terms of terminal categories, the development results of the alliance companies have also achieved breakthroughs in the application of the EcoCosy® BV fiber in many fields.
For example, interweaving EcoCosy® BV fiber with worsted high-strength wool, and using dense twill strips to express the high-end quality of EcoCosy® BV fiber for formal wear;
100% vortex spun EcoCosy® BV fiber weaves fine and firm twill texture, and the wrinkle resistance is greatly improved, and when matched with geometric and floral prints, the fabric goes more suitable for shirt design. Since EcoCosy® BV fiber is not easy to pilling, light sanding or bristles treatment on thick twill or double-layered tissue surface can extend the application of EcoCosy® BV fiber to autumn and winter shirts, jackets, etc.;
In addition, some companies have used the difference between the shrinkage rate of the fabrics of the EcoCosy® BV fiber and the polyester and nylon. The jacquard or the wrinkle finishes form a natural and casual wrinkle texture, further enriching the fancy appearance from the EcoCosy® BV fiber in the women’s wear field.
Various fabric development method and the fruitful fabric innovations fully reflect the degree of intention of the alliance enterprises in the product development process, and show the broad application field and value space of the EcoCosy® BV fiber.
The relevant person in charge of the center said that it is expected that the center and Sateri will take advantage of the cooperation to effectively integrate the high-quality resources and service platforms of raw materials, design, brand and market channels for vertical extension of the industrial chain through cooperation projects. Together with collaborative trend research, product development, creative design, marketing and other aspects, they will guide the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industryial chain to collaborate and innovate, enhance the innovation of China’s fashion fabric design, and promote the industry to continuously create new consumer demand and business growth, pushing forward the transformation, upgrading, and sustainability of China’s textile industry.





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