Zhengzhou Textile Machinery’s annual output of 150,000 tons viscose staple fiber dryer passed the mechanical appraisal

Apr 26, 2019  |  by CT
Recently, the first viscose staple fiber dryer with an annual output of 150,000 tons has been mechanically appraised by relevant units. After inspecting the field operation equipment and inspecting the quality inspection records of the whole product manufacturing process, it is concluded that the quality of the main parts and assembly of the dryer meets the requirements of the technical conditions, the performance of the equipment is good, and the requirements of the design task book and the needs of users are met. It can be delivered to the user manufacturer for further production verification.

The successful research and development of this dryer has played a positive role in promoting the development of viscose industry toward the direction of large single-line production capacity. It also proves once again that Zhengzhou Textile Machinery has strong technical strength in the drying field. At the same time, it also represents that domestic dryer technology has reached the international advanced level.






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