Ognic led the new trend of cotton knitted home textiles this spring

Mar 21, 2019  |  by CT


The Spring Home Textile Fair of 2019, Ognic is leading the new trend of cotton knitted home textiles. With the continuous improvement of domestic living standards, consumers are paying more and more attention to healthy home textiles and technological home textiles. Improving the quality of life through science and technology has become the future direction of home textile products development. NBGY Textile (Ognic) and COTTON USA have been working closely together. The COTTON USA will also display the knitted home textile products of NBGY Textile (Ognic) in Ningbo in the prominent position, highlighting the importance and recognition of knitted home textile.

When many brand enterprises of shuttle home textiles are still improving their fabrics, Ognic has devoted 20 years to the research and development of cotton knitted bed products. In order to cater to the individual needs of young people, it has deeply innovated its own product strategies and deepened the supply chain reform of enterprises. A brand-new style of knitted bed products based on the standards and trends of Ognic knitted bed products is taking shape in the industry. Relying on the big data advantage of TMALL platform, the Ognic knitted home textile has become a leading enterprise in this round of home textile industry reform.







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