Companion Group color yarn at Yarn Expo Spring

Mar 21, 2019  |  by CT
From March 12 to 14, Companion color yarn was on show at Yarn Expo Spring. Companion Pavilion is simple and atmospheric. Through models show, it shows a series of gorgeous and colorful casual clothes such as shirts, sweater, home furnishings and colorful yarn categories. Cyclic play of Companion Intelligent Dyeing and Sharing Factory is on the electronic screen, which is concretized, visualized and fashionable. It presents the high-quality style of Companion yarn from multiple dimensions. It creates intelligent green textiles from the source and create a better new life, reflecting the new orientation of the industry in the new era of "science and technology, fashion and green". During the exhibition, more than 500 customers from home and abroad came to negotiate, laying a good foundation for the company's color yarn Market in 2019.
At the same time, in the "2018 China Textile and Apparel Industry Annual Elite List Award Ceremony" and China Textile Elite Forum, Companion won the top ten innovative enterprises in China textile and apparel industry in 2018.





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