Domestic Price Index of China Dieshiqiao International Home Textiles Warmed up in The First Week of March

Mar 14, 2019  |  by CT
Recently, the domestic price index of home textile products in Dieshiqiao has warmed up. With the full opening of the market, demand shows a steady growth trend. Foreign wholesalers can be seen everywhere in the market. They come in from time to time to make inquiries for bedding. Among them, the market of kit bed products has been in high demand this week, as sales of new products in spring and summer, such as tencel bed products, have steadily increased in the market. With the departure of winter, the sales of warm-up bedding products in the market continue to show a downturn trend, in which the core bedding products in winter have been in the season-changing stage, and the price index of domestic sales will inevitably decline.
According to the monitoring data of Dieshiqiao Home Textiles Index, the domestic price index of home textile products closed at 93.01 points in the first week of March 2019, up 0.13% annually. Small sets closed at 97.36 points this week, up 0.29% annually; large sets closed at 101.41 points this week, up 0.25% annually; quilt covers closed at 92.92 points this week, up 0.19% annually; winter covers closed at 99.86 points this week, down 0.21% annually; blankets closed at 93.24 points this week, down 0.21%.
The successive listing of summer cooling products will inevitably bring stable sales to the market, it can be predicted that next week's domestic price index of home textile products in Dieshiqiao will still rise.





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