Trial Production of 70,000 tons/high-speed Spinning Polyamide Chip Project in Tongling

Mar 14, 2019  |  by CT
In the afternoon of March 4, we saw on the spot of 70,000 tons/high speed spinning polyamide chip project in Tongling Jingkai District. On the production line of the main workshop of the polymerization plant, the equipment such as the polymerization reactor and the pelletizer operated orderly. The finished product with the size of a grain of rice flowed out quickly in the pelletizer and entered the extraction equipment.

The manager of Commerce Department of Tongling Jiahe Technology Co., Ltd. managed to pull some products out of the running water for inspection. Under the illumination of the lamp, each polyamide chip appeared bright and uniform in color. As the first project in the field of polyamide 6 in Anhui Province, the project can provide high-quality raw materials for high-end textile, engineering plastics and other industries after completion.
"We started the trial production this month, and the first batch of products came out on the 3rd. From the appearance, the product quality is very excellent, which can be said to be a one-off success. At present, the trial production is in good condition. A line produces 60 tons of products per day, and the production capacity will gradually be released. In recent days, many foreign enterprises have come to visit and reached cooperation intention with the company.
It is reported that the project is an extension of the coal chemical industry chain of Tonghua Group. Tongling Jiahe Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liuguo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The project started in August 2017 with a total investment of 404 million yuan, covering an area of about 100 mu. Two production lines of synthetic high molecular weight polyamide chips were constructed, one producing 35,000 tons/year injection grade polyamide chips and the other producing 35,000 tons/year fiber grade polyamide chips. The annual output value of the whole project is estimated to be 1 billion yuan and the annual tax revenue is 50 million yuan.





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