Forecast of Fabrics China Trends by Keqiao for the first time

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Following the launch of the Fabric China Women’s Wear Research Institute in Keqiao on December 20th, the Proposal Meeting of the “Fabrics China Trends S/S 2020” was held also in Keqiao the next day or on December 21st. This marked the first time that Keqiao organized the fashion trend research and prediction and also indicated that Keqiao’s textile industry was transforming itself into the fashion industry, gaining a greater say in the fashion field, and turning the textile product gathering ground into a source of fashion.  
In the future, Keqiao will keep on “going global” to spread more Chinese fashion elements to European countries.
Organizing Fashion Trend Research the first time
“The core concept of this season is ‘Collision & Environment’. Here, ‘collision’ refers to contradiction and opposition. There are colliding elements corresponding to every theme. ‘Environment’ refers to the environment where humans and machines coexist…” Cao Xiaowen, a senior trend researcher of China Textile Information Center, after introducing four themes for the “Fabrics China Trends S/S 2020”, further expounded on the core concept, and deeply analyzed every theme.  
After that, Liu Fanghua, General Manager of the Style-Vision Asian Region, a fashion trend prediction institution, Li Ya, Designer of Jiangsu Danmao Textile Co., Ltd., and representatives of around 20 Alliance enterprises revolve around the themes and combined their own situations to predict the fashion trends for spring and autumn of 2020.
This was the first prediction about fashion trends released by Keqiao based on a thorough research. It is reported that the Proposal Meeting of the “Fabrics China Trends S/S 2020” was sponsored by the China Textile Information Center and China Textiles Development Center, and co-sponsored by the Keqiao District China Textile City Creative Industrial Service Center, and Fabrics China Trend Forecast & Promotion Alliance.
The Proposal Meeting consisted of five parts, including “Fashion Thinking”, “Fashion Setter”, “Fun of Fashion”, “Fashion Voice”, and “Fashion Development”. It not only covered the overall prospects of key prevailing colors and fabrics for spring and summer in 2020, but also analyzed the fashion development trends of fashionable women’s wear, business men’s wear, sporty and leisure wear. Meanwhile, the prevailing keywords of three dimensions, including lifestyles, colors and fabrics, were voted among the public, and different links in the whole industrial chain were combined for joint selection to jointly create the future fashion trends. In this seminar of fashion trends, discussion of the concept of fashionable colors constituted an important link, which stimulated the interest of the seminar in fashion with colors as a starting point and implanted more fashionable elements into the serialized seminar.
Transformation and upgrade based on fashion trends
The linchpin to transformation and upgrade of Keqiao’s textile industry to the fashion industry is that Keqiao has its own fashion trend prediction institution, which organizes relevant activities and releases professional information to not only guide local enterprises’ transformation and upgrade, but also driven the development of the whole textile industry.
Fang Yuhua, Apparel Designer of Zhejiang Yuhua Shareholding Group Co., Ltd., pointed out that participation in the Proposal meeting broadened her horizon of future fabric development and equipped her mind with more inspirations to link fabrics with more fashion brands. In this way, more fabrics would be made known to consumers, which would, to some extent, lead the consumption trend.
Zhejiang R.G.B Textile Printing and Deying Co., Ltd. predicted the fashion trends as a member of the China Textile Fabric Fashion Trend Research and Release Alliance, saying “More fabrics with a soft color and comfortable to wear will be preferred on the market.”
Chen Anyong, Internal Sales Director of “R.G.B”, confessed that to participate in research and prediction of fashion trends could open enterprises’ eyes. Previously, enterprises just focused on the Middle East market, and their fabric development was fully based on what they thought. Currently, small-scale production in multiple batches to meet diverse personalized demands has gained a foothold on the market. Enterprises are also busy transforming and upgrading themselves. They have strengthened client market construction for European, American and domestic brands. At the same time, by participating in research and prediction of fashion trends, enterprises can use the latest fashion trend theories to guide their product development, make their products more fashionable, high-end and more geared to the international high-end market demands, and find a wider market application.
Leading international fashion trends
Fashion trends are at the core of fashion and exist in the fashion field as a butterfly effect. Once any fashion trend is released, market segments in different parts of the world will follow it and develop their own product design to form a co-frequency resonance. An important measure of a place’s fashion degree is whether it is leading fashion trends or led by fashion trends.
Development of textile fabrics should not be aimless but should be in line with the unified fashion trends. This is also an important basis to judge the fashion degree of a fabric. Prediction of fashion trends is a highly professional activity. Previously, Keqiao had not yet established its fashion trend prediction institution, and none enterprises had participated in activities of the kind. Some enterprises referred to fashion prediction results of international institutions from Italy, France, etc. Based on the fashion prediction trends, they developed their own fabrics or designed fabrics with the help of international fashion trend research institutions.
Cao Xiaowen said, to enterprises in Keqiao, there was a gap in the original industrial chain from fabric enterprises to apparel brands to international fashion trends. Fabric enterprises paid more attention to expression of production techniques; fashion brands emphasized more on sensational aesthetics and failed to seek a close combination with fashion trends. Research into fashion trends was implemented through a specific product. Now, the China Women’s Wear Fabric Fashion Trends Research Institute has been set up in Keqiao, which can seek a close combination with local enterprises. Research and prediction activities of fashion trends can connect production activities of fabric enterprises with demands of fashion brands to better get geared to the international fashion trends, better the current fashion industrial chain, boost transformation of the textile industry to the fashion industry, and help enterprises get out of their development dilemmas.
It is reported that Keqiao, in addition to releasing fashion trends on the local market, would also release fashion trends in China to Europe to help local fabric and apparel brands establish their say in the international arena.





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