Savio: Leading “automation” in the industry

Nov 12, 2018  |  by Flora

Savio has responded to the increasing requirements of automation by implementing fully automatic winding machines. Savio offers a wide range of winders with different levels of automated devices to overcome the shortage of labor, cut running costs and enhance the quality of the yarn product. During ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018, Savio mainly exhibited energy saving and Industry 4.0 solutions in the winding segment: Polar Evolution and Eco PulsarS winding machines, plus an Industry 4.0 corner with smart solutions for mill monitoring.
Mr. Mauro Moro, Chief Operating Officer of Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A., said in an interview that “At this exhibition, Savio focused on ‘automation’ which is also a trend of the exhibition. Many manufacturers are moving toward to show the evolution that they have in a machine, especially for what concerns about automation and IoT that is becoming more and more popular. We are representing Savio 4.0.”

Mr. Moro told the reporters that Savio’s stand welcomed a number of customers just on the opening day. “I saw that our important customers have already come starting from the morning. ITMA ASIA + CITME also reflects that China is becoming the center of the world for the textile industry. We were expecting that customers come from China mainly, but we are seeing a lot of people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. This exhibition is attractive, for all are coming here to see what is new in the business. Today, the exhibition is no longer a place where you can see the machines, but the place where you have the opportunity to meet the customers and to keep the relationship with them. It is becoming a very important place, just like the dining room in the house. This exhibition is waited for the customers because they have the chance to meet the manufacturers of the machine. And for us, it is about meeting all our customers that are around them.”
When talking about the changes of demand in the Chinese market, Mr. Moro believes that thanks to the excellent work of their agency that is representing Savio here in China, Savio has been enjoying a very strong presence in China, accounting for more than 55% of the global share. The customers are more positive and more optimistic than that they were a couple of years ago, and is reconsidering the investment and capacity that was installed. Now, customers are more aware of the business, and more interested in the technologies, not only in the price, especially in the automation, but also in the Industry 4.0. “We think that with our proposition, we are still a step ahead of the others. We have already launched something couple of years ago. The evolution is continuing and customers are appreciating that.”
For Savio, how to achieve the matchmaking between the automation technology and the customer needs in China is also critical. According to Mr. Moro, to design a plant for automation needs a very close cooperation with the customer since the very beginning, with the discussion of the products and the need of the customer. A feasibility study on that and the study of the layout are a must. In this regard, it makes a stronger integration between the manufacturer of the machine and the customer.

Savio will customize the machine according to customer needs. “We design a machine in advance, and there are a lot of customization that we will introduce to the machine according to the need of the customer.” Mr. Moro believed that “China today is not only a manufacturing place, but also a place of innovation. Customers are asking something that is not the solution already, but some advice. For us, it is of course an opportunity to improve our level of technology and for the customer is of course an opportunity to increase their quality and their competitiveness in worldwide market. Today, the Chinese player are playing the game in the worldwide market. So it is important for them to have the latest novelties of the technology. ”
Mr. Moro is very optimistic about the Chinese market. He believes that the Chinese market will continue to play a leading role in the textile industry and its position in the global textile industry will become increasingly important. Therefore, in the next three years, Savio will continue to increase cooperation with Chinese manufacturers to enhance its influence in the Chinese market and further expand its market share in China.
Contract Signing Ceremony for 50,000 Spindles High Class Compact Spinning Project

During ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018, Hubei Fulinhua Textile Co., Ltd. purchased 30 sets of Eco Pulsar SIDLS from Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A. The contract signing ceremony was held at Savio’s stand. The machine was first unveiled at ITMA 2015 in Milan. “But it is still Savio’s innovative, green and  energy-saving concept product, and its sustainability has attracted the attention of many Chinese textile companies that strictly follow environmental protection regulations.”

Mr. Mauro Moro said: “In China, Savio winder business accounts for more than 50% of the  market share. We have always hoped to stay ahead of the competition and predict the latest market trends. Currently, sustainable development is the trend that our company follows and is also an important development direction of the global textile industry.” Feng Jun, General Manager of Fulinhua said that the company’s investment in Savio’s Eco PulsarS equipment has three key points: high quality, high efficiency and low labor cost. He is very confident that the company’s multi-million pound investment will yield higher returns in the future. It is expected that the project will be delivered in March 2019 and will be put into operation next summer.





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