2018/19 A/W Fabrics China Trend released in Ningbo

Giving a professional boost to the IFFAIR
Oct 25, 2017  |  by Zhao Zihan

During the 21st Ningbo International Fashion Fair (hereinafter referred to as “IFFAIR”) from October 19th to 22nd, 2018/19 A/W Fabrics China Trend Show was staged as one of the important sections, showcasing the professional and instructive identity of the fair and booting the overall optimization and upgrading of the fair, in order for more access to right of speech in both domestic and overseas fashion industry.
The 2018/19 A/W Fabrics China Trend Show was jointly released by China Textile Information Center and China Textiles Development Center, supported by Fabrics China Project and COLORO™, an in strategic cooperation with Fabrics China Pioneer Plant, Fabrics China Trend Research and Release Alliance, China Fashion Alliance, China Fashion Creative Valley, and WGSN. During the opening day of IFFAIR on October 19th, Chen Dapeng, Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council and Executive Vice President of China National Garment Association, Chen Yijin, Deputy Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee,Chen Zhongchao, Vice Mayor of Ningbo City and other relevant leaders visited this trend release zone.
In the front row: Chen Zhongchao (L2), Chen Yijun (L3), and Chen Dapeng (L4)
2018/19 A/W Fabrics China Trend Show, “Redefined” as the core concept, contains four main themes including Re-Youth, Re-Primitive, Re-Master, and Re-Future. The exhibited hundreds of fabrics are mainly from China International Fabric Design Competition finalists or collections from Fabrics China Trend release, which are all outstanding products after several rounds of screening, not only giving an in-depth display of the innovation and development trend in the field of textile and apparel industry, but also providing the garment enterprises with the latest fashion information and creative inspiration.

The trend release show this year covered an area of nearly 200 square meters, featured with new visual effects different the previous from the perspective of space atmosphere. Themed on “Redefined”, the show is to tell that the way of life has been rapidly integrated, innovated, absorbed and recreated under the super-internet mindset, highlighting the unique characteristics of each product based on the showcasing of the 2018/19 A/W Fabrics China Trend. Meanwhile, four young designers’ latest design works were also exhibited there in correspondence with the four major themes.

The way of life has been rapidly integrated, innovated, absorbed and recreated under the super-internet mindset. The increasingly powerful artificial intelligence has forced humans to enter the epistemic iteration. For the Millennial Generation and “digital natives” of post-2000 generation, a lot of circles from “breakdown of tribes” to “recreation of tribes” under the influence of globalization have been formed. The experience-based way of consumption that has taken ever-new forms has upgraded their individual demand for life. People are getting to master new skills that connect the past with the future in the fast changing world. Science and technology is developing with super speed and innovation from zero to one has welled up. In this process, people do not forget to reconsider the situation and make cognitive progress that has redefined the traditional culture.
The “recreation of tribes” has taken shape gradually as the post-1990s are the main part of it. The integration of diverse cultures is showing its way. Fashion arts such as graffiti and illustrations have been married to brands. “Slash men” with multiple careers are giving play to their talents in many areas. Today’s young people like to break down shackles and speak out freely. Therefore the IP era based on the above-mentioned culture has brought opportunities for recreation of many famous brands.

Re-Youth booth & Jiang Zhuojuns design works

A group of bright colors with street feel. Red and black form the rock feeling. The three basic colors of yellow, red and green show the electric filter images, and pink green has played the role of visual neutralization. The purple colors have added winter’s romance, and gradient colors from light to dark, cold to warm have presented multiple layers. The warm yellow is key when interacting with other colors.

Deconstructive patchwork made by complicated yet enjoyable floral embroidery and jacquard weaves; multi-colored contrasting and lighting effect co-work with graffiti art to build a fresh stitching style; rock n'roll black/red with plaids & checks; extra-large volume knitting full of street style; pastel-toned flowing filament fabric with glamorous sheen or delicate prints; sporty velvet; oriental pattern embroidery; large-scale brand mark, innovative slogan and badge all together show us a fun, dynamic “recreative tribe”fashion look.
The national culture has gained more attention. People begin to champion primitive wildness and freedom in today’s nervous life. The Belt and Road Initiative has lead people to new ways of thinking and promoted cultural exchanges. It also meets people’s demand for travelling and experiencing different life. It has become a new life attitude for the middle class to value environmental protection and recreation, and pursue comfort of a slow rhythm.

Re-Primitive & Tu Juns design works

A group of warm and soft colors. Light tan and pink look comfortable at home. The yellowish grass green mingled with mud, tree skin and orange looks like harvest in countryside. The strong red with dark coffee and earth color is primitive. The warm grey is the most beautiful fresh color in winter and embellishes and balances the whole color palette.

Fine heather tweeds with various density and loose fancy yarn wool; incomplete double-knitted fleece fabric; soft felted wool and rough artificial wool or woolen plush; exquisite, nostalgic incomplete texture as well as wrinkled surface effect with a warm touch; complicated jacquard, fil coupe and burn-out processing; brushed plaid fabrics with pastel mélange fleece, watercolor effect and shadow effect become this season’s new highlight. Natural dyed winter laces, Fair Isle patterns with rich colors, multi-colored leopard print and classic natural floral theme enrich this collection’s pattern story.
The modern design is full of spiritual elements with philosophy. The delicacy in the utmost simplicity is practical aesthetics that represents elite taste. A series of vintage industrial, classic patterns and images have been redefined. The focus and emotions in life make people think about the past, learn from the past and recreate a past.

Re-Master & Bao Xinmiaos design works 

A group of rational and substantial colors. Light grey, pink wax, grey blue and army green form an industrial palette. It makes people feel practical and modern. Khaki, powder and brown paper colors illustrate the strong trend of recycling. Klein blue, yellow chalk and tobacco colors present a unique and new palette.

Dense and smooth plain-color felted wool and double-faced Wales checks; 70s’striped corduroy; soft touch suede; dense plain and twill winter cotton fabrics; high-end athleisure denim fabric with wool or silk composition; double-faced fabric with jacquard or printed patterns on the reverse side; grayish toned camouflages, distinct Bauhaus style geometric pattern, bright outdoor functional fabrics.
Artificial intelligence and new technology have created new experiences. They have changed people’s cognition of life and self. There are lots of futuristic themes. The “illusion” art has exerted impact on electronic music and young people like to see more art forms in the electronic music. Super-realistic natural themes and mysterious old movies have been explored deeply, and the connection of the past, the present and the future has shown more dreamy effect.

Re-Future & Xu Shans design works

A group of dark base together with contrasting hues. Dark purple, dark blue, burgundy and rose red present a classic vintage-future background. The yellow and orange red look like the alert and light in the dark sky. The silver reflection is indispensable for the airspace effect. The texture with colorful and flowing visualization expresses the changing future. The dark red and forest green are mysterious and lay a perfect emotional foundation for super natural illusion.
Glossy oil paint effect, changeable 3D tactile impression and metallic luster have become the most obvious surface characteristics of technology themed fabrics; gold, silver and coppery metallic fabrics; crepe or mesh fabrics with metallic coating; protective nylon fabric; bright embroidery, dye or printing processes against dark grounding create a illusive, gradually-varied,technical visual effect; fine napped fabric with a warm touch; lightweight coated fabric or double-layered leather with gloss finishing; heavy silk satin; Space-themed printing lead to optical illusion effect or psychedelic floral patterns.






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