Will 3Dprinting become a favorite of fashion?

Mar 01, 2017  |  by Shirley
The printing, an uncrowned king of fashion with rich multicolored decorations, is one of the best creative inspiration for clothing designers. Traditional printing is more representative of the era of development, while the geometric printing, abstract printing and mixed fuzzy printing interpret printing fashion in in modern era. Fashion is so transient that when the when the trend of digital printing is fading, who will be get popular, and how designers to create the new fashion?
New clothing with the use of 3D printing
3D printing technology, featured by unique simulation, and rich pattern, color and texture, has become a new fashion, disrupting the sensory nerve of designers, or fantasy, or blurred, or vivid, or lively, to feel the scents of forest, the warmth of the earth, the vastness of the universe. 3D printing will become the new darling of fashion designers in the future.
3D printing technology has been applied to advanced fashion design in a small scale by some couture designers, who apply digital modeling and electronic output to make 3D models through constant attempts and challenges. Although the design work can’t be as real as clothing, it conveys a new idea that high-tech clothing design can also be without the traditional sewing.

The necessity of 3D printing technology instead of digital printing  
At present, since the digital printing can’t realize to print on a heavy fabric or special materials, the two-dimensional digital printing has evolved to 3D printing, which is a big step of garment materials, even of the clothing design industry.  
Different from digital printing that can only print patterns, 3D printing can not only print high simulation of 3D pattern, but also choose printing materials for models, which is the nature of their difference, and also the comparison between two-dimension and three-dimension models. At present, digital printing technology is mainly applied for product proofing and small batch of personalized customization. Compared with the advantages of digital printing of low cost and short effectiveness, the mass production with high cost will face some limitation in the future development.   
The advantages of 3D printing technology are high degree of simulation, strong three-dimensional effect, fast speed of production, less labor intensity, etc., while the disadvantages include high cost, high labor demand, limited selection of materials and so on. From the adaptability, 3D printing is suitable for printing proofing and small batch of printing process, innovative design and development, and the production of new products, which is difficult to replace the traditional digital printing to become the most important printing process. However, with the development of science and technology, and continuous fall of material cost, 3D printing technology will spread through the fashion industry and become the the inevitable trend of the development of garment industry in the near future.  
3D printing technology will be more widely used in the future          
Future fashion can be printed, and all the materials can also be copied. It will be trend to use 3D printing technology for innovative fashion design, and 3D printing technology will also be used in various areas of the apparel industry.
Science and technology changes the life, so 3D printing technology will change fashion and lifestyle. 3D printing in the future will be an essential technology for fashion designers, which will play a huge role in clothing design. The designers will also carry a combination of high technology and traditional handicraft to explore the future direction of fashion design.






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