The Woolmark Company X Dongliang COOL WOOL Collection Launched

Mar 01, 2017  |  by Flora

Starting from 17 February, The Woolmark Company X Dongliang COOL WOOL collection will be available for sale at DongliangShanghai. Singer-songwriter Tia Ray is invited as The Woolmark Company brand ambassador to attend the launch event at the Changle Road store include .

The Woolmark Company X Dongliang COOL WOOL collection was designed by six influential local designers, including SHUSHU/TONG, XU ZHI, YIRANTIAN, BOUNDLESS, BAN XIAOXUE and BABYGHOST. The independent designers were tasked with creating their own unique fashion interpretations of “Globetrotting” using COOL WOOL fabrics, targeting the independent yet distinctively feminine modern woman. As The Woolmark Company’s first collaboration with Chinese designers, the collection highlights COOL WOOL’s natural qualities and modern functionality - light, breathable, trans-seasonal, and odour resistant. The collection was first unveiled at LABELHOOD during the S/S 2017 Shanghai Fashion Week in October 2016, where it garnered positive responses.

“I am always on the move because of my job, travelling in comfortable yet stylish clothing is important to me,” says Tia Ray. “When I first touched the COOL WOOL apparel, I was surprised by how fine and soft they are. The fabric ensures comfort and ease, and the exquisite tailoring is modest, simple, neutral and fashionable. Just as its name suggests, the collection is cool.”

“COOL WOOL is made from exceptionally fine Australian Merino wool. Since COOL WOOL entered the market, it has become every woman’s fabric of choice for spring and summer travels,” says Jeff Ma, Executive Marketing Vice President, Greater China & Developing Markets Asia and Country Manager, China of The Woolmark Company. “We look forward to introducing the natural benefits of COOL WOOL to more travellers, especially how this versatile material can be suited for any season, place or occasion.”
The Woolmark Company x Dongliang COOL WOOL collection is now available at Dongliang Shanghai, HUG Chengdu, and Dongliang e-shop.
Cool Wool, a subsidiary brand from The Woolmark Company, is a collection of pure wool and wool blend textiles suitable for creating both knitted and woven garments, fabrics and yarns. Cool Wool is the result of innovative breeding methods by Australian woolgrowers, as well as modern textile processing techniques. Cool Wool garments are manufactured from lightweight Merino wool fabric with a maximum weight of 190 g/m2 and a maximum mean wool fiber diameter of 22.5 microns.

About Dongliang
Established in August 2009, Dongliang is China’s first multi-brand concept store committed to promoting outstanding homegrown high fashion creations. Bringing the worlds of fashion and creativity together, Dongliang aims to bring the best of Chinese design to the masses. “More than a store, but a friend and a home” was the theme for the Dongliang BoF500 campaign in 2015. The campaign helped cultivate an active, highly expressive platform between Chinese designers and their customers, connecting style innovators with adopters to elevate the local design scene to new heights.





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