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2017 Puyuan Cup PH Value China Knitwear Designer Contest
By Zhao Zihan

At present, people’s pursuit of fashion has changed dramatically, while the consumer demand for knitted garments are growing and the design requirements of knitwear are also getting increasingly higher. Because of the special nature of knitting process, high-quality knitted apparel design should start from fiber and yarn, followed by a perfect combination of each section such as pattern structure development, costume design, and weaving technology. Therefore, the professional inter-disciplinary talents in knitted apparel design is the core competitiveness of knitting industry.
2017 “Puyuan Cup” PH Value China Knitwear Designer Contest was officially launched in the press conference held by the Organizing Committee of PH Value and Puyuan Sweater Market Management Committee during 2016 PH Value (Autumn) on October 11th, 2016.
Qujing, Vice President of China Knitting Industry Association, said that design and innovation is always a hot topic in the textile and garment industry, the source of endless business, as well as the direction that industry associations and industrial clusters focus on. The 1st “Puyuan Cup” PH Value China Knitwear Designer Contest in March 2016 proved to be a success, filling the gaps in the domestic professional knitwear designer competition. The new edition in 2017 will see innovation and breakthrough in terms of the organization forms, the number of works, and ways of release, striving to become the most authoritative event for knitwear designers.
It is learned that the coming contest themed on “Highlighting Youth • Zero Future” will focus on knitted men’s wear. The contest aims to promote the knitting design works directly to the market through the platform of PH Value together with the well-known knitting O2O web, taking “respect for design, enjoyable with innovation” as the purpose and the national professional institutions within the industry as the basis. The final will be held during 2017 PH Value (Spring) on March 16th, 2017.

The Organizing Committee visited more than 30 well-known national industry colleges such as Donghua University, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and Tianjin Polytechnic University for face-to-face communication with teachers and students. As the jury chairman of the contest, Professor Liu Xiaogang from Donghua University said, “Knitting designer contest is different from the general design competitions, for the characteristics of knitted design require the participants not only to have the art design capabilities but also to understand the production process of knitted products.” Cao Aijuan, a teacher from Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College stated that after the exchange with the students, she found that students showed high enthusiasm on the contest, and many students have completed the artworks even though there is still some time from the draft deadline. There is no clear boundary for knitwear designers, causing a lot of difficulties to many companies in the recruitment. This competition is not only to focus on knitting, but also to arrange meeting time for outstanding designers and enterprises, which for many students provides the possibility of work options and employment opportunities. This is really a very rare opportunity.
The students from textile and garment institutions, knitting industry clusters, knitting enterprises, independent designers or related design agencies are all welcomed to register now.







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