From quantity to quality, how Wenling Creates the Gold Brand of Children's Shoes

Dec 08, 2023  |  by Zhong Mengxia

The footwear industry in Wenling, Zhejiang Province, which originated in the 1970s, has undergone significant advancements in the quality of children's footwear due to continual technological inheritance and innovation. It has resulted in the formation of a "footwear industry kingdom," which incorporates design, production, and sales, and has an estimated output value of over 30 billion yuan. Wenling's children's shoes hold a prominent position in the manufacturing industry here. 1,200 manufacturers of children's shoes have produced an annual output value of approximately 12 billion yuan, with over 350 million pairs produced each year. This has earned Wenling the title of "the home of children's shoes" in China.

On 4th December, Zhejiang Wenling "Ten Chains and Hundreds of Enterprises" footwear industry chain and 2023 regional brand (Wenling Children's Shoes) development conference grandly held in Wenling, Zhejiang Province. Over 300 attendees including government officials, professional associations, renowned experts, exceptional brand leaders and media representatives congregated to discuss the progress of local Wenling children's footwear brands.

Liang Yunqing, Secretary of the Party Committee at Wenling's Economic and Information Bureau, and Duan Limin, President of the China Leather Shoe Research Institute, have jointly released Wenling's Children's Shoes Regional Brand Development Plan.

Sheng Jianyong, President of Wenling Shoes and Leather Industry Chamber of Commerce, has issued "Standards for Children's Shoes Group".

Wenling Child's Shoes regional brand logo has been officially released.
The newly designed regional brand logo of Wenling Child's Shoes, the main structure of the logo is abstractly changed from Wenling initials WL, reflecting the sense of regional exclusivity of Wenling Child's Shoes; the logo is composed of three figures, representing three spirits: new quality, new perspective and new hope. The symbol of child's shoes is moving towards a sphere, which has entrusted Wenling Child's Shoes with the development vision of "the light of domestic products and going global".

In addition, the case videos of excellent brands and suppliers were played at the meeting, and then the vice presidents of Wenling Shoes and Leather Industry Chamber of Commerce jointly pressed the starter to light the "Wenling Children's Shoes Declaration" board. The launch of a series of branding initiatives shows that Wenling Children's Shoes has taken another big step on the road to its own brand breakthrough.

At the roundtable, entrepreneurs discussed "How can companies seize opportunities and improve again? "From their respective fields, they told their stories of starting businesses and creating brands.  
The process from product to commodity is an "exciting leap", and from commodity to brand is also an "exciting breakthrough". It is believed that through this event, Wenling Children's Shoes is able to create a big brand, improve profits and make the leap from quantity to quality. Taking advantage of the situation, we should seize the brand opportunity, make the reputation of "Wenling Children's Shoes Safe Choice" famous all over the world, and let "Wenling Children's Shoes Brand" shine in the world.





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