Henan No.2 Textile Machinery: Focus on spindles for 50 years, and professionally cultivate robust strength

Nov 10, 2023  |  by
Henan No.2 Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is among the most significant and extensive enterprises for spindle R&D and manufacturing in China. The company possesses a profound involvement in the professional cotton textile spindle sector and boasts over 50 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing. The company manufactures a diverse range of superior spindles that are favored by renowned domestic manufacturers and thousands of textile enterprises. It is the main supplier of spindle products for the top 100 cotton spinning enterprises in China Henan No.2 Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading company in domestic spindle manufacturing situated in Xinyang, Henan Province.
Established in 1970, this company has concentrated on producing cotton spindles for over half a century. Under the guidance of Chairman Cao Xiucheng, the company adapts to industry shifts and demand changes. In addition, it insists on technological advancement to propel the enterprise's progress. During the exhibition, Henan No.2 Textile Machinery showcases their YD8100 series high-speed spinning spindles with speed of 20,000 to 25,000 rpm. They also feature YD6100(S/3) energy-efficient spindles, aluminum spindles that are used for group doffing, specialized spindles for coarse yarn, and long-lasting spindles that require less frequent oil changes. The company constantly develops new spindle products to cater to their customers' ever-changing needs.
"Automation, speed, efficiency and saving energy are the primary focuses for cotton spinning businesses and equipment in recent times," according to Cao Xiucheng, the Chairman of Henan No.2 Textile Machinery. He said that at this exhibition, the company has prioritized customers' new requirements and has brought its flagship YD8100 XingYang_NASA high-speed spindle. The product has a dual layer buffering and vibration damping structure, providing exclusive benefits of energy conservation and noise reduction. It attains high-speed stability and can cater to high-speed spinning needs of 20,000-25,000 rpm.

Cao Xiucheng announced that the YD8100 series of spindles were sent to the National (Wuxi) Textile Machinery Quality Inspection and Testing Centre. The spindles' vibration range, single spindle power and noise level all met and exceeded those of international counterparts. Since April 2020, Henan No.2 Textile Machinery placed the first spindle with double elastic structure (YD8100) in Yangzijiang Precision Spinning Workshop, Wuxi No.1 Cotton Mill Textile Group. It has been tested in ten other enterprises, like Anhui Huamao, Xinjiang Huasheng, and Xinjiang Huafu, receiving positive feedback from customers. This year, they obtained orders for several major projects including Anhui Hua Mao, Xinjiang Lihua, and Xinjiang Shibo.
YD6100 spindle is also a pivotal exhibit, catering to customers’ requirements of lower than 20000 rpm. These products utilize a flat spindle base structure and undergo precision manufacturing, greatly enhancing spindle stability at high speeds. Additionally, the energy-saving YD6100(S/3) is introduced at this exhibition. At the same spindle speed, its energy cost is reduced. Cao Xiucheng stated that the YD6100 series products have been chose by renowned spinning frame manufacturers like Best Company and Tonghe Company. Cao Xiucheng further added that many well-known textile companies such as Wuxi No.1 Cotton Mill Textile Group, Nantong Dasheng, Anhui Huamao and Xinjiang Lihua have used YD6100 series flat-bottom spindles.
Cao Xiucheng said, “Henan No.2 Textile Machinery has accumulated more than 50 years of R&D and design technology in the spindle field, adhered to professional quality for more than 50 years, and witnessed positive feedback of customers for more than 50 years. With large-scale production capacity, multi-variety advantages and perfect market network, it has thousands of textile enterprise users in China. Products are exported to Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey and other countries, realizing the international market layout.”
Henan No.2 Textile Machinery will work closely with partners within the industrial chain, collaborating with both main and user enterprises to make innovations. With high-quality products, reasonable prices and continuously improved quality, the company will meet the ever-changing needs of users and help spinning enterprises achieve high-quality development.
As the leading brand of domestic spindles, Henan No.2 Textile Machinery's spindles have been market-tested for over 50 years. Hundreds of superior spinning users, including Weiqiao Textile Company Limited, Wuxi No.1 Cotton Mill Textile Group, Luthai Textile, and Huamao Textile have chosen the spindles of Henan No.2 Textile Machinery. Additionally, many cotton spinning enterprises have also chosen their spindles for the first time. The spindle of Henan No.2 Textile Machinery bore witness to the progress and advancement of China's cotton textile industry.






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