2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival kicked off, watching Chinese fashion together

Oct 20, 2023  |  by Zhong Mengxia

Ningbo hosted a remarkable fashion event as the three-day 2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival and the 27th Ningbo International Fashion Festival commenced on October 19th. The 2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival organized five series of events, includes summit, exhibition, forums, press conferences, and fashion activities, providing a comprehensive platform for the communication and business of the fashion industry's entire chain.
In terms of exhibition, 2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival has set up different theme exhibition areas such as fashion pioneer, fashion force, fashion chain and digital fashion, with an exhibition area of 28,000 square meters. This exhibition attracted many enterprises from 8 countries including the United States, Germany and Britain, as well as 181 enterprises and 222 brands from domestic cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

Leading companies such as Youngor, PEACEBIRD, FIRS, Shenzhou and other smart equipment suppliers such as SUPREME, Realsil and Cixing participated in the exhibition. The National Graphene Innovation Centre showed the applications of graphene in the fields of fashion consumer goods such as textiles and clothing, home appliances, etc. Leading enterprises in the industry show the whole country the scenes and products of Ningbo's promotion of intellectual upgrading for the fashion industry. Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology, together with Style3D and Cixing, exhibits the achievements of school-enterprise cooperation.
Romon, which was established in Ningbo over forty years ago, is one of the top 500 private enterprises in China's manufacturing industry. In recent years, Romon has actively advanced the integration of online and offline business, widening its sales channels, and unceasingly increasing its market share. As a result of these endeavours, Romon is committed to opening 10,000 stores in China. The brand is developing towards youth and fashion, and integrating "ready-to-wear clothing + customization", Romon is pioneering a fresh trend in the Chinese clothing industry.

In terms of forum activities, Ningbo fashion Festival organizes an international brand day, designer day, "Generation Z" special theme events. Additionally, professional wear industry conference,  professional wear design competition, the 2023 textile and garment industry sustainable development summit forum, and the 2023 fashion industry e-commerce new trend communication and sharing meeting were held.

The fashion conferences and shows are the most eye-catching links of each fashion festival, and it is also the "big show" for Ningbo as the fashion capital of the Oriental Binhai. The upcoming festival is set to host over 30 themed runway shows featuring leading designers like Zhang Wei and Yan Ming, educational institutions such as Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and Ningbo University, and companies like FIRS and Alphabet showcasing their latest collections. The non-heritage cultural and creative week also features launch events such as the Hong Bang Tailoring Work Show.






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