Nylon innovation to a new height! The digital person “Rong” lights up the fiber highlight moment

Aug 29, 2023  |  by zhaoxh

Fujian Eversun Jinjiang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Eversun Jinjiang”) and China International Fabrics Design Competition once again jointly set up the “Nylon Product Development & Application Prize” in 2023. After three consecutive years of growth, the award has brought together high-quality nylon products and high-level fabric development enterprises, and accelerated the process of industrial chain coordination and high-quality development.
At the 2023 China International Fabrics Design Competition award ceremony held on August 28, fabrics from six outstanding textile enterprises respectively won the Fashion Color Award for Nylon Fabric, Innovation Award for Nylon Fabric Development, and Market Application Award for Nylon Fabric. The six award-winning fabrics in color, style, feel, technology, function, product fancy application has reached a new level compared to previous years.

The digital person is the host to open the door of the Metaverse
Rong, the digital person of Eversun Jinjiang, appeared at the award ceremony and brought a wonderful explanation of the award-winning products of nylon. This is the first time for Rong to host. She and Li Lei, director of Creative Design Department of China Textile Information Center, cooperated well and became the focus of the audience and received warm applause.

In the past few years, whether from technology or business, artificial intelligence has made great progress, and digital person have gradually emerged to be widely used, and continue to expand their influence in various fields. Eversun Jinjiang hopes to integrate digital technology and the Metaverse concepts into the textile industry and make digital new business better through Rong’s joint application in the entire industrial chain.

Multi-dimensional innovation to enhance the market popularity of nylon
In recent years, whether it is underwear or outerwear, the demand for functional and differentiated fabrics has increased significantly, and the improvement of industrial demand and production process is an important support for the further expansion of the nylon market. Market Application Award for Nylon Fabric aims to promote the innovative application of nylon in fabric development, continue to promote the cooperation of the whole industry chain, and enhance the competitive advantage of nylon industry chain.
In the past three years, nylon fabric has been greatly innovative, and many of the newly developed characteristics are welcomed by the market, which has played a positive role in promoting the short board of the industrial chain.

The six winning products of this competition have demonstrated the charm of nylon fabric vividly with fashion creative design and technological process innovation. From the award-winning products, it can be seen that the participating enterprises pay more and more attention to the functionality, ecology, fashion and commerciality of nylon fabrics, and cleverly combine innovation with market demand to present a more diverse fabric style.

Differentiated development promotes the efficiency of the whole industrial chain
As a benchmark enterprise in China’s nylon industry, Eversun Jinjiang has continuously introduced new products in recent years, constantly accelerated technological updates, and has been at the forefront of the industry in the field of high-end nylon research and development relying on the “three yarn” series of products. At this exhibition, the new recycling material of Eversun Jinjiang - post-consumer recycled nylon fiber E-SUNLON™ was unveiled, leading the new future of “sustainable fashion” by forming a “green closed loop” from waste textiles - post-consumer recycled slicing - post-consumer recycled fibers - textile products.

The three times that Eversun Jinjiang and the competition have joined hands, not only for the market to find high-quality nylon fabrics that are more in line with today’s market demand and popular trends, but also to help nylon textile enterprises improve the development system in the fields of creative design, application development, brand publicity, industry chain cooperation, and enhance the benefits of the whole industry chain.

In the process of operation and development, Eversun Jinjiang has always adhered to extensive investigation and analysis, combined with the company’s strategic development, different market needs, own advantages and product characteristics, and formulated customer-oriented development and marketing strategies. In the future, the demand for nylon products will show diversity and personalized trends, and consumers will pursue more visual and perceptible effects, so enterprises need to pay more attention to the application of new technologies and new materials in the development of new nylon products. Practicing the core values of “customer-centric, sharing with partners”, Eversun Jinjiang has established a flexible supply chain alliance and strategic cooperative relationship with more than 100 downstream terminal brand enterprises for product joint development and application promotion, and built a multi-party collaborative brand research and development model. Through the promotion strategy combining technical guidance and brand marketing, it has realized the transformation and upgrading from B2B to B2C, and further promoted the commercial value transformation of high-end nylon.






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