Crops up everyday! What is on earth ‘-core’ science?

Jan 12, 2023  |  by Zhong Mengxia
During the World Cup, the word “blokecore” frequently appeared on various social softwares and became one of the trends that young boys and girls rushed to catch up with. Seeing the root of ‘-core’ can't help but remind me of the popular “Normcore” in 2010. This word is a combination of “normal” and “hardcore”, which is used to describe a life attitude that is different from the subculture that was too pursuing individuality at that time and is simple to dress and willing to have fun with the crowd. Later, an article in New York Magazine made the word fire across the world, and it was in the tides of simplicity and unisex style, therefore, normalcore gradually developed into the representive of effortless chic.

The naming method of'-core' shows the groups' loyalty to the cultures they believe in. Today's aesthetic trend is not limited to clothing, but a series of lifestyles such as music, books, movies, makeup and so on. In view of the rapid development of science and technology and tik tok's 9-second visual bombing, it can be said that using '-core' is a super efficient method to quickly bind the lifestyle with the individual. Core aesthetics provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to establish a style based on personal interests. More and more people find their own cultural communities online, and gain confidence and happiness from their self-expression.

In this era of extreme individualism, everyone can find a group that belongs to their own aesthetic preferences on the Internet. Generally speaking, Blokecore, Barbiecore, Gorpcore, Thriftcore, Cottagecore, Kidcore aesthetics and their aesthetic subclasses are the most popular core aesthetics on the Internet at present.





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