Virtual trade Fair | Heading to Italy! “Silk Road from Keqiao, Live Connection Around the World” 2022 Keqiao Fabric Virtual Trade Fair kicks off

May 27, 2022  |  by zhaoxh

From May 18 to 20, the colleagues from Chinese and Italian textile and garment industry gathered together in the 2022 Keqiao Fabric Virtual Trade Fair, and opened a new journey of virtual trade fair in the post-pandemic period. The professional live broadcast of 40 excellent Keqiao fabric enterprises brought the wonderful fashion Fair of fabric for the first time, and provided rich and diversified products for hundreds of Italian clothing, accessories, home textile brands, trading companies and other buyers, which further improved the efficiency of supply and demand matching.
This event is organized by Keqiao District People’s Government of Shaoxing City, China Textile Information Center, International Events Service Center of Shaoxing Keqiao District, Bureau of Commerce of Shaoxing City Keqiao District, with special support from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi and Associazione Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

Joint development in an open and integrated way

China is Not only Italy’s largest trading partner in Asia, but also Italy’s main source of import of light industrial products such as textiles and raw materials. Keqiao, as a hundred billion textile industrial cluster and the world’s largest textile trading market, is also an important resource and industrial platform for Italy to deepen cooperation.

On the opening day of the virtual trade fair, Yuan Xiaowen, member of the Standing Committee of the Keqiao District Committee of Shaoxing City and secretary of the Party Working Committee of China Textile City, pointed out in his speech that this year is the 30th anniversary of China Textile City, and Keqiao is continuously increasing the cultivation of high-end textile industry worth 100 billion yuan, and building an “International textile city, Hangzhou-Shaoxing’s famous city”. Hope to take the Virtual trade fair as a new starting point, let more friends at home and abroad know Keqiao, love Keqiao textile fabrics.

Mario Boselli, honorary president of Associazione Nazionale della Moda Italiana, said in his speech that China is the best partner of the Italian fashion industry as both China and Italy are powerful textile and garment manufacturers. The virtual trade fair conforms to the trend, and helps the upstream and downstream enterprises of the global textile industry chain to achieve new business matching and obtain more space for cooperation and development in the special period.

“Keqiao Fabric Virtual Trade Fair is a beneficial practice for Keqiao textile industry to take the initiative to adapt to the new round of industry digitalization and intelligent reform. It not only builds a cooperation bridge linking global trade resources, but also creates a high-quality window to promote Keqiao fabric brand.” Qiao Yanjin, director of China Textile Information Center, said in the speech.

A collection of high-quality fabrics in Keqiao

In the early stage, in-depth research on the needs of brands and purchasers, looking for matching supply and demand channels, is an important work that the organizers must do before each event. The main demand of Italian buyers is dresses, knitted sweaters, down jackets, children’s wear, suits and other clothing fabrics, covering silk fabrics, environmental fabrics, knitted fabrics, woolens, silk, chemical fibers, including yarn-dyed, digital printing, artificial fur and many other categories. 40 Keqiao fabric enterprises have made careful preparations based on the demand of the Italian market.

In the live broadcast room, the company recommended a variety of classic, best-selling and new products, and displayed hundreds of cotton products, linen, embroidery, lace, silk, silk printing, knitwear, wool, fiber fabrics, etc. The fabric products, and the pattern, color, material, function and other characteristics of the fabric products are explained in detail. The products are very rich in both colors and patterns, and can also be customized according to the needs of buyers.

“It is the first time to try to conduct online business negotiations with Italian buyers, hoping to promote the company’s main products to the Italian market through the virtual trade fair.” Chen Lin, sales manager of Zhejiang Lefei Textile Co., Ltd., said at the event.

Gu Zhuowei, business manager of Zhejiang Huida Textile & Garments Co., Ltd. also agreed. He said, “The virtual trade fair can help Keqiao enterprises cope with the impact of the pandemic, overcome difficulties together and promote foreign trade exports. With the help of this event, the company can vigorously explore new markets, looking for a breakthrough in the trade of cotton woven fabric in the Italian market.”

“We brought 10 new products to the virtual trade fair. The company’s products are mainly knitted products, among which the newly developed sports function fabric, using yarn with moisture absorption and sweat drainage function and full of elasticity. We are very interested in the Italian market and would like to take this opportunity to expand further.” Sun Qingchen, assistant of R&D department of Zhejiang Siris Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview.

Representatives of Italian brands such as Boggia Disegni, Lisa Spa and Borghi 1819 and purchasers watched the live broadcast online, and fully interacted online through real-time online communication, instant negotiation and email sample adjustment.

The virtual trade show for the first time to use the “buy while watching”, live broadcast has changed the previous marketing model, the form of activity content is also more rich and vivid. The show showcased nearly 40 sets of fine clothes made by Keqiao fabric enterprises.
From fabric to ready-to-wear, fabric’s versatility and wearability are clear at a sight. The “immersive” experience greatly promotes Italian buyers’ intention to place orders.

The Italian buyers and Keqiao enterprises have frequently interacted and communicated enthusiastically online despite the time difference in the strong business atmosphere. Based on the sufficient preparations in the early stage and the highly smooth and efficient transmission of information, there are many cooperation intentions between the supply and demand sides, and the results are quite fruitful. Among them, nearly 200 Italian buyers registered online, nearly 3,000 people watched the online live broadcast, and the online real-time negotiation was also quite active, reaching more than 500 times. One-to-one video communication has greatly improved the effect of negotiation, and the demand for sample adjustment has reached more than 100 times.
China and Italy have inherited the Silk Road for thousands of years and embraced today’s Belt and Road initiative. Now, from equipment, trade to design and talent, Keqiao textile and Italy’s cooperation is heading for the fast lane of deep integration of the whole industrial chain. Keqiao Keqiao Fabric Virtual Trade Fair, Italy station, will further deepen the cooperation between China and Italy in textile and garment industry, and inject new momentum for Keqiao to build “International textile city, Hangzhou-Shaoxing’s famous city”.



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