Jiangsu Sunshine Group becomes official partner of China Ice and Snow Business Formal Wear

Jan 27, 2022  |  by xinhua
The China Ice and Snow Business Formal Wear, designed and produced by Jiangsu Sunshine Group, was officially released on January 24th. Jiangsu Sunshine Group was awarded the title of official partner “China Ice and Snow Business Formal Wear” by the National Winter Sports Management Center. This release of athletes’ business formal wear is for the depth of the interpretation of Oriental aesthetics and a comprehensive show of the elegant demeanor of a big country.

It is understood that Jiangsu Sunshine Group received the design, development and production work of athlete business formal wear from the National Winter Sports Management Center on September 24, 2021. More than 60 fabric samples have been selected, 36 samples have been developed, produced and modified, and the design and sample production work of athlete business formal wear have been successfully completed by the middle of December.

The athletes’ business formal wear series, while drawing inspiration from traditional culture, integrates modern fashion. By using color, profile and details, it links traditional and contemporary, national and international, and deeply interprets the emotional images and beautiful artistic conception of Eastern aesthetics.
The main visual color of suit jacket and trousers comes from the traditional Chinese color dark blue in the design of suit series, which means athletes cut their way to the top of the far peak. The snow gray color chosen by the female athletes is in line with the “ruyi head” of the ancient dragon robe and the brocade “Colored Woven Scroll of Elysium”, which also fits with the ice and snow culture, implying that athletes achieve good results.

In the design of suit collar, the design team chose fashionable business style banquette lapel, with delicate beaded edge technology; Women’s suit slim version with belt, more personality and figure; Men’s suits are buttoned with metal buttons and a traditional Chinese auspicious pattern “all the way lianke”. In the center of the button is a lotus flower, with four flying herons hovering around the lotus, which is a homonym for “all the way lianke”, implying that athletes win the crown on the field.

Art with technology: technical strength integrated into Chinese quality

As the world’s largest wool spinning enterprises and high-grade suit manufacturer, and the only enterprise in China’s textile industry that has won China’s World Famous Brand and China Quality Award, in the process of design, Sunshine Group give full play to the advantages of the group in terms of fabric development, relying on industry chain upstream and downstream of the rapid response, through strengthening technical innovation, highlights “Made in China” both inside and outside the technical quality.

In the suit fabric research and development, design team fully considering the climate characteristic of winter and the athletes’ warm demand, using the cashmere known as the “diamond fiber”, through special spinning process, two kinds of cashmere fabrics with anti-static function are created: wool polyester cashmere high-stretch suiting (suits for athletes for men and women) and cashmere thickened Gabardine (dresses for athletes for women). These two cashmere fabrics have soft hands, good elasticity, strong warmth protection, excellent wear resistance, and excellent reductiveness, keeping a balanced wearing experience of warmth and grace.

Yu Yan, head of the Sunshine design team, said that taking into account the needs of different wearing scenes of athletes’ business formal wear, the design reflects cultural expression and it is reflected in the deep and all-round technology of fabric research and development.

Craftsmen from a great country integrate into the new look of a great country

Wei Yuyu, deputy director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, spoke highly of Jiangsu Sunshine Group’s successful completion of the design and production of business formal wear for athletes.

Jiangsu Sunshine Group not only designed and produced a suit series for the National Winter Sports Management Center, but also designed and produced Chinese dress series. The inspiration of the clothes comes from the traditional Chinese landscape painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” and the graphics of the Olympic Winter Games.

In addition, the design team dug deep into the creative transformation of traditional color culture, closely linked with ice and snow elements and national characteristics.

In the design process of this Chinese style formal dress series, the modification scheme amounts to more than 10 times in total, 84 sets of schemes in total, 38 fabrics are developed according to the scheme, and the embroidery on the clothing adopts “Suzhou Embroidery” technology. Each suit is tailor-made. Through exquisite stitching, the English abbreviation of the wearer’s name is embroidered on the back collar of the suit. While emphasizing the modern application of scientific and technological innovation, it embodies the “people-oriented” craftsmanship of Oriental culture and conveys warm national friendship.

Jiangsu Sunshine Group has participated in the garment development, design and production of many national events and important events, and has showed the image of a big country.
Sunshine people are well aware of the principle of “a prosperous country brings prosperity to the family”, and will continue to uphold the original intention in the future to jointly build the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.






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