After twists and turns, Shandong Shengquan became the only company approved to sell graphene masks in Canada

Aug 03, 2021  |  by Zhong Mengxia

Recently, 4 models of Chinese face masks, were removed from the shelves, produced by Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., Ltd., resumed sales in Canada. In April, Health Canada advised Canadians not to use face masks that contain graphene because there was a potential that they could inhale graphene particles, which may pose health risks.
What is graphene?
Graphene is a novel nanomaterial (materials made of tiny particles) reported to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Health Canada conducted a preliminary scientific assessment after being made aware that masks containing graphene have been sold with COVID-19 claims and used by adults and children in schools and daycares and health care settings. Health Canada's preliminary assessment of available research identified that inhaled graphene particles had some potential to cause early lung toxicity in animals.
However, the potential for people to inhale graphene particles from face masks and the related health risks are not yet known, and may vary based on mask design. The health risk to people of any age is not clear. Variables, such as the amount and duration of exposure, and the type and characteristics of the graphene material used, all affect the potential to inhale particles and the associated health risks.
Therefore, until the Department completed a thorough scientific assessment and has established the safety and effectiveness of graphene-containing face masks, it took the precautionary approach of removing them from the market while continuing to gather and assess information. Health Canada directed all known distributors, importers and manufacturers to stop selling and to recall the affected products, which includes 4 models masks from Shandong Shengquan New Materialsn Co., Ltd.
On 13 July, Health Canada also determined that the filtration performance of these masks meets the performance standard listed on the label. The Department did not find evidence that biomass graphene provides any added antimicrobial, or antiviral protection. As a result, given the evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of these products, Health Canada is permitting the sale of the four Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co. Ltd. mask models to resume in Canada (see models listed below).

Graphene masks permitted for sale
Model Number
Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co. Ltd.
SNN70370BWillow Leaf-Shaped
No other graphene face masks are currently permitted for sale in Canada. Consumers should notify Health Canada by submitting an online complaint form should they become aware of other graphene masks being sold in Canada. After almost four months, this matter finally came to an end.
For a long time, the label "Made in China" has been deeply rooted in people's minds, but China's indigenous innovative brands have left little impression on peoples hearts. Today, however, it is changing imperceptible. As the first and only graphene mask brand approved by the Canadian government currently, Shandong Shengquan New Material Co., Ltd. not only shows the excellent quality of its own products, but also represents the painstaking craftsmanship of many Chinese brands. In the future, we hope that more Chinese brands will continue to make their own products with characteristics and let the world know that China can not only produce high-quality "made in China", but also create unique "made in China".





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