“Waterless dyeing and printing” technology starts industrialization in Qingdao

Jul 19, 2021  |  by Zhao Xinhua

In June, Jifa Group’s supercritical carbon dioxide anhydrous dyeing industrialization demonstration line was launched in Longshan Industrial Park in Qingdao.

According to reports, Jifa Group’s supercritical carbon dioxide waterless dyeing technology uses carbon dioxide as the dyeing medium. The entire dyeing process is free from the use of water and chemical additives. It can truly achieve no sewage discharge and promote the revolutionary upgrade of traditional water-based dyeing. It is a typical green environmental protection technology, with the scale of production conditions. Jifa Group’s technology has reached the international leading level and achieved full-color coverage of the dyeing process. Its industrial application is of positive significance for improving the level of green manufacturing in the country’s textile industry, building an ecological civilization, and developing a low-carbon circular economy.
The industrialization demonstration line launched this time started trial operation in June 2021. The current annual production capacity can reach 1,000 tons, and the dyeing efficiency can be shortened from 8-12 hours of traditional water dyeing to 3-4 hours, which has the conditions for industrialization promotion and application. The production of this industrial line will provide the industry with complete technical and equipment standards and specifications, so that China’s supercritical carbon dioxide anhydrous dyeing technology will continue to maintain its leading position in the world.






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