Lighter, thinner and more breathable protective clothing fabrics from “Xiantao Intelligent Made”!

Jul 16, 2021  |  by Zhao Xinhua

New product from Hubei Tuoying New Materials Co., Ltd. is called Teyouqiang, which can be called the lightest protective clothing fabric in the world at present. It combines the advantages of paper, film, fabric and other materials to make the medical protective clothing light, tough, moisture-permeability and breathable. Previously, such products have been monopolized by European and American companies.

Since September last year, Hubei Tuoying has set up a 1,600 square meter technology research and development center in Wuhan by joining hands with Wuhan Textile University, Donghua University and other colleges and universities to tackle the key problem of Teyouqiang mass production. In May this year, it has realized the landing from the laboratory to the production line.





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