Xinjiang Corps first promotes 5G+ application technology to improve cotton sales

Apr 30, 2021  |  by Zhao Xinhua

The integrated Internet of Things system for cotton moisture and impurity detection and purchase is independently developed by the Northwest Agricultural Equipment Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Zhengzhou Cotton & Jute Engineering Technology and Design Research Institute. In 2019, the Science and Technology Bureau of the 12th Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (hereinafter referred to as Corps), invested more than 1 million yuan in the special fund to introduce the technology. After two years of experiments in Xinjiang Beiting Cotton Industry Co., Ltd., the 222nd Regiment, it took the lead in promoting and using the technology in Corps this year.

This system utilizes 5G+ application technology to upload the moisture regain and impurities content of cotton detection to the cloud platform and mobile APP terminal in real time through the Internet of Things technology, which not only provides a reference basis for market sales, but also facilitates the supervision department and enterprise management department to understand the moisture regain and impurities content of purchased seed cotton in real time. Meanwhile, the system also adopts bar code inspection technology, one card technology and weighing real-time monitoring technology to realize the whole process monitoring of seed cotton purchasing.





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