New materials in Wuhan Textile University

Apr 29, 2021  |  by Zhao Xinhua

Six scientific and technological achievements transformation projects of Wuhan Textile University were signed, with a total contract value of 5.7 million yuan.

With the rise of new frontier disciplines such as materials, the scientific research and application fields of modern textile, represented by medical and hygiene textiles, are constantly expanding. Wuhan Textile University has a strong strength in fiber-based basic research, preparation technology, molding technology, application promotion, and product design, etc. in the fields of artificial heart valves, small-caliber artificial blood vessels, high-end medical dressings, artificial bones, as well as military aerospace, energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent industrial textiles, and other fields. With the construction and development of Jiangxia Industrial Park, it will provide more opportunities for the transformation of scientific research results of Wuhan Textile University in the future.





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