Nanchong City’s silk spinning garment industry to achieve output value of 100 billion yuan by 2025

Apr 21, 2021  |  by Zhao Xinhua

Recently, the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Nanchong City and the Outline of the Long-term Goals for 2035 were officially released. The document clarifies the main goals and tasks of the silk spinning and garment industry in Nanchong.

It points out: the silk-spinning garment industry should be diversified and brand-led, promote variety improvement and technological integration and innovation, deepen the integrated development of “sericulture + industry + culture + tourism”, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain, and build the largest silk-spun garment processing and manufacturing base, silk distribution center and industrial innovation center in the west. We will actively prepare for the establishment of the Western China Cocoon and Silk Trading Center and the China Silk Index Platform, and cultivate and strengthen local exhibition brands such as the Western China Silk Fair. We will promote the construction of Nanchong Productivity Promotion Center, Mulberry Industry Innovation Technology Research Institute, promote the development of intangible cultural heritage resources such as silk carpet weaving techniques, and build a batch of intangible cultural heritage inheritance bases. We will promote the construction of an international exhibition and convention center, and enhance the influence of major events such as the Western China Silk Expo and the National Mulberry Tea Industry Development Conference. By 2025, the silk spinning garment industry will achieve an output value of 100 billion yuan.





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