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Nov 10, 2015  |  by
Xiamen LEADSFON Co., Ltd.

R&D Department of Xiamen LEADSFON Co., Ltd. has successfully developed an innovative single jersey circular knitting machine named DS3.0 with technical department from Italy which is the revolution of circular knitting technology.
This machine is used by DS system that the circular knitted fabric with no more vertical lines, elastane misplating defects and fabric peeling as well as is ideal solution for very fine gauges. In traditional single jersey machines the stitch is constructed with the help of the sinkers. The sinkers are parts that move horizontally and vertically which will damage yarn, fabric and needle. However DS3.0 is made by special design that the stitch is formed in a stationary point of the cylinder and consequently we obtain a superior uniformity of the stitch and a total absence of vertical lines.
It is a knitted enterprises’ beset by vertical lines in fabric but now we have already solved this problem. Using DS3.0 with DS system will reduce friction on the sinkers that slide radially so that the fabric and the needle will not be damaged. Compared to traditional circular knitting machine, the rotational speed of DS3.0 has developed by 50% and achieved high production and benefit.
All circular knitting machines from by Xiamen LEADSFON Co., Ltd. are made of high-quality and top technical parts which are of good interchangeability, such as German Groz-Beckert needles, Kern-Liebers sinker, MEMMINGER yarn storage feeder, Siemens motors, Fuji converter, German UNIVAE oil pump and so on. Meanwhile the main ring gear and drive system are also imported form Italy to ensure more stability and less noise. What’s more, the knitted triangles from Germany are made by excellent alloy with iron designed by CAD and CAM manufacturing system.
In order to get perfect needle track’ side and smooth surface, the CNC manufacturing system is used for precision sculpture and heat treatment. Thanks to top configuration and innovation system, DS3.0 is characterized as environmental protection, sustainablility and energy conservation. DS3.0 can produce 14 -44 gauges fabric especially microfiber that will almost avoid vertical lines to ensure high quality of fabrics. According to the feedback of customers, during 8 -9 months of production with a daily production of 500 kg of fabric which means a total of 120,000 – 150,000 kg, the machine needs no maintenance or cleaning in area of the stitch formation.
This guarantees high-quality fabric and money saving in addition to the total absence of problems. LEADSFON always insists that all equipment in the factory debugging and testing to ensure everything running well. After that it is delivered by professional packaging.






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