5G + Industrial Internet: A new way to reduce cost and increase efficiency in textile industry

Jan 14, 2021  |  by Zhao xh

The application of 5G+ industrial Internet technology has become an important means for the textile industry to realize digital transformation.

With the continuous acceleration of 5G commercialization, in order to seize the new opportunities of 5G development, Jiangxi Province vigorously promotes the landing of 5GIndustrial Internet. In response to the problems of the textile industry, Fuzhou Unicom and Mingheng Textile Group, based on the original factory automation, gave full play to the technological advantages of 5G. The first phase of the group’s spinning workshop 5GIndustrial Internet project has been put into operation for two months, the workshop employment has been reduced from the original 300 to 200, and after the second phase of the project is put into operation, it can be reduced to less than 100. Enterprise operating costs are reduced by 15%, production efficiency is increased by 15%, product upgrade cycle is shortened by 15%, and energy utilization rate is increased by 10%.






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