Suzhou Jingdu Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd.

Nov 10, 2015  |  by
Suzhou Jingdu Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Jingdu Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. has experienced to participate the ITMA for 16 years, the greatest thinking is that there is a huge gap of our product compared with the world technology, when the first time is 16years ago, and until 16 years later, ITMA Milan exhibition, our company's products are heading toward the world. Each ITMA show the company participates in international competition, at the same time also can find the shortage of us compared with the world top class products, how to close the gap is the challenge which we must face in the future.
2015, the key year of the transformation and upgrading of China textile machinery, the equipment manufacturing improvement will revolve around the themes of innovation, high quality and good price,” Jingdu Ceramics Technology” after 20 years of continuous improvement, in the chemical fiber machinery
network nozzle (ATY, DTY, FDY ) has made great progress, through the innovation of equipment manufacturing, intelligent production, automation, machine substitution our company invest a lot of new technology and advanced equipment in the world to ensure the quality of our products, precision and accuracy along with production efficiency and strengthen of our core competition.
The products have market share in the United States, Turkey, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and others, the amount for about 20% of the entire sells volume, gradually increasing every year, through a series of measures to strengthen and broaden the overseas sales channels, strive after by 20% - 30% increase for a few years on the existing basis, so as to reduce the risk of enterprise in the future.





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