Fashion and innovation - the 8th Keqiao Fashion Week 2020 kicks off

Dec 07, 2020  |  by zhxh
On October 26, the opening show opened the curtain of the 8th Keqiao Fashion Week in 2020. Zhejiang Huida Textile and Garment Co., Ltd., Joma Co., Ltd., and Shaoxing Boya Garment Co., Ltd., three local textile and garment enterprises in Keqiao, together with well-known designers at home and abroad, presented “new fashion and new customization” at the opening ceremony of Keqiao Fashion Week with advanced fashion design.

The four-day schedule of the 8th Keqiao Fashion Week in 2020 brings together more than 70 fashion creative activities such as fashion show, design display, trend salon, technology sharing, competition awards, online live broadcast, etc., on the occasion of the 3rd World Textile Merchandising Conference, it focused on showing Keqiao’s fruitful achievements in the transformation and improvement of fashion services during the extraordinary period of the pandemic. The opening ceremony was hosted by the People’s Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, and organized by China Textile Information Center, National Textile Development Center, and Construction and Management Committee of China Textile City of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City.
At the opening ceremony, the awarding ceremony of the 6th “Golden Shuttle Award” (2020) National Top Ten Textile Fabric Designers and Advanced Units for Cultivation, and the awarding ceremony of the EcoCosy® 2020 China Fashion Fabrics Design Competition, were held.

At the opening show of the 8th Keqiao Fashion Week in 2020, with the theme of “Innovation - New Fashion”, Zhejiang Huida Textile and Garment Co., Ltd. and independent designer Li Kun created a refreshing national fashion show.

“International fashion concept, international fashion trend, international fashion design”, this is the shocking experience that Homer Co., Ltd. brings to people.

In the theme of “Smart, New Customization”, Boya released an ingenious 3D design video and a catwalk, which not only demonstrated Boya’s overall strength from smart factories to fashion garments, but also demonstrated the value of digital smart technology to empower fashion “customization”.





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