Beijing Chonglee Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Beijing Chonglee Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.

Beijing Chonglee Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. is a share holding company directly controlled by China Textile Academy, which is with more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing complete chemical fiber production equipment. The company boasts the complete equipment design, engineering technology and manufacturing capability of both direct spinning and chip spinning of polyester, polypropylene, polyamide textile yarn, industrial yarn, differential yarn, etc. The products are sold not only to more than one hundred local customers distributed in more than thirty cities and provinces in China, but also to the countries in Asia, America and Europe. The market coverage of products now is in a top position among the providers of the same kind.
At the upcoming ITMA 2015, the exhibits from this company will cover Direct Spinning Polyester POY Filament Production Line, PET FDY Filament Production Line, PET Industrial Yarn Production Line, Spinning Machines for PET, PA Bi-Component Spinning, Polyester Hollow Staple Yarn Production Line, Automatic Traverse Cam Winder for Textile Yarn, Dual Radical Quenching Device Technology, and Automatic Bi-Rotor Winder for Textile Yarn.

Dual Radical Quenching Device structure
l  Radical blow head
l  Blowing channel
l  Pneumatic lifting
l  Finish spray system
Dual Radical Quenching technical characteristics
l  New type of bottom air supply structure makes even air pressure around radical blowing head.
l  Specially designed linear seal device makes seal between radical blow head and spinneret more reliable.
l  Height of air-free zone can be adjusted in the range 50 -100 mm.
l  Locating device between radical blow head and spinning beam ensures accurately central align.
l  Specially designed damping radical blowing head makes airflow stably and evenly
l   Aperture structure is applied in air supply value.
l  Horizontal filter screen extends life cycle of blowing head.
l  Pneumatic lifting system with linear bearing location at double-side ensures lift smoothly.
l  Applicable to high-end POY, FDY, PTT products.





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