Round-table Conference of World-Renowned Enterprises held in Keqiao, Shaoxing

Nov 02, 2020  |  by Zhao xh
On October 26, one of the major events of the 2020 the 3rd World Textile Merchandising Conference - the Round-table Conference of World-Renowned Enterprises was successfully held in Keqiao. Leaders from the China National Textile and Apparel Council, the Department of Consumer Goods Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China General Chamber of Commerce, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles, the Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government of the Communist Party of China and representatives of well-known domestic textile and apparel enterprises from Shenzhou International Group Holdings Co., Ltd., Shandong Ruyi Group, etc. gathered together to talk about new trends, new opportunities and new developments in the global textile industry.

The conference was presided over by Chen Dapeng, vice president of China National Textile and Apparel Council. He said that China’s textile and apparel industry has entered a new stage of development, and digital technology has brought new empowerment to the innovative development of the industry. This year’s World Textile Merchandising Conference opens a global perspective in this context. It is necessary to re-examine the nature and value of the industry, including “building a new system of the industry chain”, “upgrading the value of the industry chain”, and “reshaping the status in the global industrial value chain”, “how to promote new collaborative innovation in the global textile and apparel industry”, and “building a community of common development industrial destiny”, which are all very meaningful. I hope that colleagues in the industry will exchange experiences around the topics of this conference, jointly explore new values in the industry, and bravely assume the responsibility of the textile industry in the reopening of the world economy.

Fu Longcheng, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that my country’s pandemic prevention and control has stabilized and improved, and the textile and apparel market has huge potential. He pointed out that the apparel industry is an important branch of the national economy. The government and industry organizations should work together. Enterprises should build confidence. The future market potential can still be expected.

Zhang Xi’an, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles, said that in the context of international and domestic “dual circulation”, the outstanding national companies present here have played a very important role in boosting China’s economic development through the core product development and design innovation. As an intermediary organization in the foreign trade industry, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles hopes to have closer exchanges with some major organizations in the world. The Chamber of Commerce itself must adopt a more open attitude to create a fairer and transparent international trade environment.

As an important part of the 2020 the 3rd World Textile Merchandising Conference, the Round-table Conference of World-Renowned Enterprises highly focused on the industry hot topic “New Industrial Value, New Textile Contribution - Responsibility of the Textile Industry in Reopening the World Economy”. Representatives of well-known enterprises in the textile industry across the country expressed their opinions, focusing on the opportunities and challenges facing the development of the global textile industry under the background of the era of great changes in the post-pandemic era, by sharing business stories and classic cases in their respective fields, they provided feasible suggestions on the dual-circulation, rapid development of the digital economy, and help the textile and apparel industry to achieve sustainable, high-quality, and international linkage development.

Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that the pressure and challenges faced by the textile and apparel industry are unprecedented under the circumstances of a century of change. Innovation and transformation are very urgent tasks for the industry. After the outbreak of the pandemic this year, the state introduced a series of measures to reduce taxes and fees for SMEs. In the next step, the Department of Consumer Goods Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will actively help enterprises alleviate production and operation difficulties, and provide targeted tax and fee reduction measures to provide strong support for pandemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

Sheng Yuechun, deputy secretary of the CPC Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Shaoxing City, said that the textile industry must form a diversified economic structure, so that an effective market and a promising government can work together to promote industrial development. Shaoxing has a solid industrial foundation, a good business environment, and a profound cultural heritage of the textile industry, making it a preferred place for textile enterprises to invest and start their business.

Sun Ruizhe, president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, said in his concluding speech that the textile industry is still in a special period and still cannot escape the pressure from the pandemic. Companies must be prepared for three points. First, they must be prepared to face the normalization of the pandemic and the chronically sluggish world economy. Second, make long-term preparations for geopolitical conflicts. There is also a global response to climate change. Although the pandemic has a serious impact on the current situation, in the long run, responding to climate change is a greater challenge. In order to improve the competitiveness of the textile industry, Sun Ruizhe also suggested that enterprises should have high responsibility, high quality, high efficiency and low cost. He finally emphasized that the textile industry should build a more open economy, a more innovative economy, a more responsible economy, and a more valuable economy.

Focusing on the development orientation of “openness, fashion, wisdom and high-end”, Keqiao has been accelerating the construction of “International Textile City” in the new era by promoting the value chain, strengthening the innovation chain and extending the industrial chain. Keqiao is constantly attracting global attention.





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