FONG’s of China Hi-Tech Corp Wins IPR Case

Nov 06, 2014  |  by

    A letter of civil mediation (Doc.No.94) was given out, on Oct.10th, by the First People’s Intermediate Court in Shanghai with reference to the tort issue as one of the most prominent proprietary products owned by Fong’s Industries Company Limited of CHTC was infringed for the intellectual property rights (IPR). WUXI DONGBAO Dyeing Machine Co. was accused of the infringement for the evidence that its dyeing machine on display at the textile machinery exhibition bears the striking resemblance to, or rather, the identical with the FONG’s product- THEN AIRFLOW® Synergy 8 Aerodynamic Dyeing Machine in terms of the technical features subject to the category of practical new-type patented technology, and in the aspect of the appearance resemblance in the patent of appearance design. Right now, the machine accused of the patent breach is under custody. WUXI DONGBAO promised in a legal letter of statement not to manufacture, sell the like-product in question in the future. Mr. Shi Yanhong, chairman of board of directors in FONG’s Industries Company Limited, said in a vocal stress that China gives more attention to the intellectual property rights and its protection awareness in the process of moving ahead in the from-big-to-strong shift. “We encourage cooperation with other companies, but stand firm in our opposition to any forms of plagiarism, otherwise, the whole environment of innovation and creativity would be polluted and destroyed!”





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