• Transport Textiles Turn Popular
      Transportation, trade and tourism becomes common and regular, which makes people pay more attention to vehicles with higher requirement on safety, comfort, environmental protection and energy efficiency, and therefore, automotive trim with comfortable materials and various color, lightwe
      Nov 05, 2014
    • 57 Projects Relating to Textiles in Shandong Province
          According to the investment update(Jan.-Sept. 2014) that comes to hand on Oct. 31, the overseas investment agency in Shandong province has reviewed and approved 358 local companies intending to invest overseas in either joint ventures or wholly-owned establishments.
      Nov 05, 2014
    • Fujian High-Sun Synthetics: New Investments in Spandex Projects
          The 2 nd -phase construction of Spandex project went into production in the middle of Oct. after successful mechanical operation and commissioning in Chang Le City of Fujian Province, with annual capacity of 25,000 tons of polyurethane chips, laying a new solid foundation fo
      Nov 05, 2014
    • Dama Town (in Zhejiang) Was Conferred as “Chinese Production Base of Sofa Cloth”
      Recently, Dama Town in Tongxiang City (Zhejiang Province) was titled as “China production base of sofa cloth” by China Home Textile Association.  Dama Town was awarded
      Nov 03, 2014
    • The President of NCC Expressed Optimists towards Cotton Market
      The 17 th of this month, the delegation of NCC, in cooperation with CCI, held a roundtable in Beijing. Mark Lange, the president of NCC, addressed several issues, such as the new cotton subsidy policy of China, the present world cotton market and price, and the competition between chemical fibe
      Nov 03, 2014
    • 360Fashion Network’s “Fashion and Mobile Technologies” Sparkled at the CHIC 2013
      In the city of Beijing, China, 360Fashion Network was invited by the China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC) to create an 800-sqm “Fashion and Augmented Reality Zone” during the show that was held at the New China International Exhibition Center from March 26th – 29th, 201
      Jul 02, 2013




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