Two parks, two countries

Dec 14, 2017  |  by
“Two parks of two countries” has become the new engine of the development of Baoshan industrial park.
The city of Baoshan, in the west area of Yunnan province, is full of vigour in this autumn. In Baoshan industry park, constructions for vast industrial transfer projects are in full swing. Tower cranes and bulldozers are busily working all over the places. Park director Yang Yanbin, less than two months in his role, has just returned from Burma. He is very excited about the development direction of the park. He said that the park has a lot of very attractive policies. Specifically, it is very satisfied of power energy price, which is 0.37 yuan per kWh, very attracting and very rare even in the middle west area of China.

In the meanwhile, both the software and hardware to support the development of the park are improving continuously. Baoshan Party committee secretary Zhao Deguang is committed to the success of the regional economy by leading people to be courageous, realistic, and determined to win through “roll over the sleeves to work harder”. Baoshan Party secretary Zhao has been thinking about this very important aspect all the time how to transform inferior position into advantage. He noticed that the adjacent Burma has huge opportunity to empower and accelerate the transformation.
With huge amount of effort, Mandalay, located in the central region of Burma, was chosen to be the answer of transformation. Secretary Zhao says: Mandalay is a very important node of Burma-China economic corridor in “The Belt and Road Initiative”. It is an important economic and cultural center, and transportation hub of Burma. Mandalay is also an important commodity and transfer station. Its transportation network, including railway, waterway, highway and air, extends in all directions. It is very convenient to get human resource, as well as logistics resources.
The Myotha industrial Park in Mandalay is very key project of Burma’s reform and opening up. The Park was built based on the advanced international development, construction and operation experience. The industrial park is planning to be 45 square kilo-meters. It is going to become a new international sustainable industrial town, with functions including working, investing, living, and entertainments.

The development of Baoshan-Mandalay Myotha economic and trade cooperation zone is fully utilizing the strategic opportunity of “The Belt and Road”, as well as the major historic opportunity of the construction of Burma-China economic corridor. It will help strengthening the cooperation with Southeast and South Asia countries and friendly relationship, through all-round cooperation in infrastructure, resources, capacity, market, talent and other fields. It will also help Chinese enterprises to go aboard for overseas market by providing a platform and a full range of services.
Baoshan industry Park is going to have park-in-park in Myotha industrial park to provide professional services to the enterprises in the Baoshan industry park. It will help the enterprises to fully utilize the advantages of Mandalay by providing international transit warehousing station, and all-in-one services from manufacturing to all kinds of services.
The park is planned to be hundred and thirteen acres. It includes standard workshop, warehouse logistics, product exhibition center, and office and living rooms etc. Baoshan Mandalay economic and trade cooperation zone is an important carrier of international industrial capacities cooperation. It not only helps domestic products to enter into South and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, but also positions Baoshan industrial park to empower export-oriented economic development of enterprises.

The establishment of Baoshan Mandalay Park undoubtedly brings the real benefits to the export-oriented garment enterprises. Recently, many companies saw the business opportunities, and began to consider joining the park. There are so many consultations from the textile and garment enterprises, and hotlines are often too hot to take calls. Han Liangzhong, the chairman of Shandong Changyi Huada textile limited company, a leading calico textile production enterprise, visited Baoshan industrial park on October 20th to learn the latest development of the two parks. He said the companies must be prepared in advance to join the parks and utilize the great opportunity in Mandalay.
The development mode of “two parks of two countries” has become a new engine for the development of Baoshan industrial garden. With more and more clothing industry companies joining the park, it’s apparent that the increasingly economic benefits will bring unprecedented power to the companies and the clothing industry!



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