The total export volume of wool textile industry in the third quarter fell 5.5% year-on-year

Dec 12, 2019  |  by CT
As of September, the total export volume of wool textile products fell by 5.5% year-on-year, of which the export volume of wool raw materials and wool products fell by 8.8% year-on-year, the export volume of cashmere and cashmere products increased by 3.6% year-on-year, and the export volume of blanket and artificial fur increased by 0.8% year-on-year. Most of the exports of major products have declined.

The export value of woolen textile products to the European Union continued to decline rapidly year-on-year, with a drop of 8.7%; the ASEAN region has become the second largest export region for wool products, and exports have continued to expand rapidly, up 8.8% year-on-year. Both Japan and Hong Kong’s export markets showed declines, with the values down 8.8% and 19.6% year-on-year. In the first three quarters, the export value of woolen products to the United States increased by 1.1% year-on-year, accounting for 19.5% of the total exports of woolen products.



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