Guangxi Yizhou mulberry silk products enter the international market

Dec 12, 2019  |  by CT
Since the “Belt and Road” initiative was put forward, mulberry silk products in Yizhou District, Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have entered the international market along the “Belt and Road” countries, attracting the attention of world investors.

According to statistics from relevant departments, in the past five years, with the continuous enhancement of investment promotion, technological innovation, and optimization of services, 13 leading cocoon and silk processing companies in Yizhou have produced more than 30 kinds of mulberry silk products and exported to Japan, India, Italy, Romania etc., the annual export value from more than 11 million yuan in 2016 to 200 million yuan last year; the annual total output value of comprehensive utilization of resources exceeded 5.6 billion yuan, and the scale of production has maintained the first place in the national counties for 14 consecutive years. With the continuous improvement of the brand’s international influence, Yizhou has also been awarded the “Hometown of Chinese Sericulture”, becoming the country’s largest “Chinese high-quality cocoon silk production base”.



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