Zhejiang dyeing and printing “standardization +” energy consumption increased by 813.59 yuan/ton of

Nov 26, 2019  |  by CT
On October 30th, the Zhejiang Province Textile Testing Institute led the implementation of the Zhejiang Province Standardization Strategy Major Pilot Project - “Textile Industry Transformation and Standardization Pilot Project” (referred to as “Pilot Project”) passed the acceptance after the review, inquiry and discussion of the expert group, becoming another exploration of promoting the upgrading of traditional textile industry with the “standardization +” effect in the whole province.

According to reports, the “Pilot Project” takes the key link of the textile industry - dyeing and printing industry transformation as the entry point, taking the standardization pilot of Shaoxing Keqiao Binhai Dyeing and printing Industrial Park as the core, extending to the chemical fiber and Lanxi cotton textile manufacturing industries, and extending to Yuhang home textiles and Tongxiang silk textiles and other end textile consumer goods industry, after two years of pilot practice, through the linkage of four levels of institutions at the national, provincial, municipal and county levels, starting from the four standard areas of park agglomeration, green enterprises, advanced technology and products, energy conservation and environmental protection, A total of five standard system frameworks were completed, and three national standards, six industry standards, two local standards, and six group standards were revised, and a relatively complete enterprise standard system was established in three dyeing and printing enterprises, and more than 40 standards were formulated.
According to the person in charge of Zhejiang Textile Testing and Research Institute, during the pilot period, the project team formulated the “Detailed Inspection and Evaluation Rules for Green Dyeing and printing Group Standards in Keqiao District of Shaoxing City”, and 20 enterprises met the standard requirements and received a reward of 2 million yuan from the Keqiao District Government, participating in the green dyeing and printing standards for enterprises, in terms of product quality qualification rate, energy efficiency, alarm device control rate and qualification rate, management capabilities and other aspects have been improved, and the output value, profits and taxes, and competitiveness of enterprises have been improved. The overall level of dyeing and printing industry in Keqiao District has also increased substantially. According to preliminary statistics, the per-capita tax revenue of the dyeing and printing industry in the whole district has increased from 131,700 yuan per mu to 200,400 yuan per mu; the increase in energy consumption per unit has been increased from 411.52 yuan/ton of standard coal to 813.59 yuan/ton of standard coal; the proportion of international equipment of dyeing and printing enterprises reached more than 60%, the penetration rate of CAD technology of key dyeing and printing enterprises reached 100%, and the average bath ratio of dyeing equipment increased from 1:10 to 1:5.




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